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Staverton C.E. Primary School

School Lane, Staverton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire,

BA14 6NZ


Welcome to Tigers

Year 3 and Year 4

Class teacher: Miss Allen

PPA teacher: Miss Jones

Teaching assistants: Mr Tandy and Mrs Nevers


Term 2

Guided reading


Today we started our new guided reading book, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


We looked at the front cover of the book and came up with loads of questions we want to know the answers to.  These included:


Where might the Iron Man have come from?

Who made him?


Hopefully we'll find out the answers soon.

Term 1


What can you hear?


Tigers have been carrying out experiments to explore how sound works.  We have been making rice dance on a drum, making waves in water using tuning forks and even playing tunes using spoons!


Miss Allen demonstrated her amazing skill at using a glass full of water as a musical instrument.  She was able to change the note she played by drinking some of the water!