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Welcome to Cheetahs

Year 4 & 5

Term 6, Week 6- This week we have enjoyed some more homework presentations. The children have been talking about their hobbies, reciting poetry and performing pieces on musical instruments.
We loved entertaining the Penguins on Friday afternoon!
Term 6 Week 5- The children are so creative when it comes to making the messages for the light box!
We have enjoyed the powerpoints and descriptions of hobbies!
We have also loved the drawings and paintings of people's gardens.
Out Term 6 R.E. Day focused on The Kingdom of God. The children produced some beautiful writing and artwork.
Term 6 Week 4- The Year 5 children clearly had a wonderful time at Clarendon and were buzzing when they came back! I gather that you were all extremely well- behaved. Well done Year 5! Meanwhile, the remaining 11 Year 4 children did a spot of pond-dipping!
Term 6 week 3-We had a wonderful ART WEEK!

Term 6 week 2 continued....

More inspirational light box messages, happy children who achieved full marks in an end of year SPaG test and a fabulous 'Pin the rocket on Jupiter' game that was perfect for Friday afternoon!

Term 6 Week 2

Look at these wonderful non-chronological reports on Space. The children chose an aspect of Space that particularly interested them and carried out their own research.

These two girls are very proud of their writing!

Welcome to Term 6!

This term we will be continuing with our fascinating Space topic. We are looking forward to finding out what becomes of Liam Digby in our book 'Cosmic.'

In PE we are learning to play tennis. We began by practising our balance and control skills.
These children are delighted that they scored full marks in the end of year Arithmetic paper!
End of term 5- We have had a lovely end to the term with lots of hard work and some more fabulous homework projects!
We've also enjoyed some wonderful quizzes and powerpoint presentations.
Our RE Day for this term was on Wednesday. The theme was Gospel and in Cheetahs we looked at the story of Jesus and his disciples and the way in which he invited the fishermen, Peter and Simon, to become 'Fishers of Men.' The class produced some beautiful artwork.

Term 5, Week 5-We are loving our topic on Space!

Look at these wonderful timelines outlining the history of space exploration.

The children have been writing some exciting newspaper reports about a spacecraft landing in the school playground. Miss Parsons created for us, an amazing short film of a UFO landing outside our classroom window! The children wrote some fantastic descriptions using the film as a stimulus. They also wrote beautiful stories retelling the story of 'The man on the moon' which you may remember was the John Lewis Christmas advert.
We have been using lots of non-fiction books from the Wiltshire Library Resources to help us with our non-chronological reports about space.
Look at these fabulous homework projects!
Term 5, Week 4- This week outdoor maths with Miss Jones involved measuring trees to find out how old they were.
We enjoyed some fascinating powerpoint quizzes about space! Well done for thinking of such great questions!
Two boys completed another delicious homework challenge and made some amazing space-themed biscuits.
We even had some space-themed messages in our light box!
Term 5, week 3- This week the children enjoyed another outdoor Maths lesson with Miss Jones. As you can see from the photographs they have been exploring Venn diagrams, fractions and measuring in our school grounds!
We love listening to our talented brass players on Tuesday afternoons!
On Friday afternoon we went outside in the sunshine to conduct our helicopter investigation. Our Science topic is Forces and we have been thinking about air resistance. Next week we will be looking at the variables, trying to create the perfect helicopter that will stay in the air for the longest possible time.
Thank you boys for some delicious space-related biscuits and a tricky quiz!
Loving the planets display!
Term 5, Week 2- The Cheetahs loved their outdoor Maths lesson with Miss Jones!
The children listened to four movements from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite. They painted whilst listening and went onto produce some beautiful artwork.
Finished products inspired by Gustav Holst's Planet Suite.

Welcome to Term 5! This is a short term but will be packed full of some exciting learning! Have a look below at the photographs of the new display boards which give you some clues as to what we will be looking at over the next five weeks.

Our Guided Reading text is 'Cosmic' by Frank Cotrell-Boyce. It is a very entertaining novel about a boy called Liam who ends up in space! I think you will enjoy it very much.

Welcome to Term 4 everyone! We have an exciting new topic which is Natural Disasters.

We will be reading and exploring the book Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo which tells the story of Will who gets caught up in the Indonesian tsunami of 2004.

Term 4 week 6- This was a disaster-related quiz worth waiting for! This question made us all laugh!
This was the message in the light box on the last day of term and how apt it was! The conscientious Cheetahs spent part of the morning working on a Maths Reasoning and Problem Solving paper! 
Later on, on the last day of term, we all went out into the blustery weather for a final cricket lesson. It has been great to see everyone's skills develop over the course of the term.
In the afternoon we had an exotic fruit tasting session! We have spent the term reading the book Running Wild set in the Indonesian Rainforest. We have been reading descriptions of 'fig-laden branches' but no one had actually tasted a fresh fig. On Friday afternoon we sampled figs, pineapple, mango, kiwi and physalis. As you will see from the pictures not all the fruits were enjoyed by everyone. Well done for at least trying them Cheetahs! 
Term 4 week 5- On our special R.E. Day our theme was 'Salvation,' We explored the Easter story in some depth and created some beautiful triptychs. 
We have enjoyed some wonderfully explosive volcano homework projects. Well done everyone for all your hard work!
We have loved the Natural Disasters quizzes and powerpoints! You must all have worked so hard on researching the information. You were also so brilliant sitting in Mrs Gurr's spinning chair leading the learning! 
Some people opted to create some beautiful collages and Natural Disasters artwork. We also loved hearing some exciting disaster-related stories.
Term 4 week 4- We have this week, enjoyed more multiple-choice powerpoint quizzes on the subject of Natural Disasters. Look at these lovely boys leading the learning and giving Mrs Gurr a little break! You came up with some fabulous questions boys!
Some more thoughtful messages in our light box. We're a great team in Cheetahs!
Look at our beautiful Rainforest Art!
Term 4 week 3- We have really enjoyed taking on some special science challenges in Science Week! The forensic science activity on Thursday morning was fascinating and really got us thinking scientifically. We had a crime to solve and clues to piece together! Who stole the dog from the dog show?
In class we were presented with the challenge of creating a marvellous marble run! We worked together in small groups to create something ingenious and impressive!
 One of the homework tasks for this term was to create a multiple- choice quiz on the subject of Natural Disasters. This quiz really made us think. Well done!
Another homework project was to create a model or a picture of a volcano. These were two excellent and quite different examples.
We wrote persuasive posters to encourage people to invite Longleat staff into school. We really enjoyed the visit made to our class and were fascinated by the animals that the staff brought in. 
We have been finding out about the Indonesian rainforest because it provides the setting for our class book Running Wild. We created some colourful and informative fact sheets
Term 4 week 2- Another day of dressing up! This time for World Book Day. You all looked amazing. Well done for putting so much effort into your costumes!

Term 4 Week 1- We enjoyed being outside for our PE lesson this week and this term we will be learning how to play cricket!

Here we are perfecting our throwing and catching skills and getting involved with an exciting team game.

Term 3 Week 6- In the final week of term, we had a special RE Day. We looked in detail at the story of Noah's Ark. We wrote about Noah's commitment to God and explored the reasons why God might have chosen Noah to be saved from the flood along with his wife and their family. We went on to look at the very special 'Understanding Christianity' frieze and talked about making promises. The resulting artwork was rather beautiful and on each piece children wrote about both regrets and things for which they felt sorry and also within the rainbow, promises for the future.
The insightful Cheetahs wrote some more inspirational messages in the light box. The last one was especially appropriate for our V E Day celebration party on the last day of term!
Our last day of term was great fun! Thank you so much to everyone who dressed up as children from World War 2. You all looked amazing!
Term 3 Week 5- Another packed week for The Cheetahs and some more excellent homework projects. Everyone has been so inventive. Very well done everybody!
We loved playing the hoopla game made from recycled materials and the board game with questions that related to World War 2.
This exciting and descriptive diary entry, set in World War 2, is going to be entered into a competition. Such a beautifully written piece of work!

Term 3 Week 4

Each day 2 children in our class are 'in charge.' They each have a cushion to sit on and have various responsibilities including awarding stickers at the end of the day to people who have impressed them in some way! Another job is to create an inspirational message in our light box. They are always lovely messages but this is one that I particularly liked.

We've seen some more delicious and interesting homework projects this week- some more cakes and biscuits using war-time recipes, some games made from recycled materials and a war-time adventure story!
We enjoyed looking through this recipe book from World War 2. Thank you for bringing it in!
Someone decided to complete two extra pieces of homework- a Blitz picture created on a computer and a funny story (not war-related but we think David Walliams would like it!)
Term 3 Week 3
We have all been enjoying the World War 2 homework projects- some more delicious cakes and biscuits created from war-time recipes, a model of a warship, an ingenious board game and toys made from recycled materials. Well done everybody. Keep them coming!
We loved our visit from Longleat!Here are a few photographs of the animals that visited us. Our Science topic for this term is 'Living things and their habitats' so we will be doing lots of interesting follow-up work!
 We are loving learning netball skills this term. We appreciate hugely the expert coaching provided by Active Trowbridge.
Some more wonderful homework tasks completed- a lego model of a war plane, a picture and information about the Spitfire and a toy made from recycled materials! Well done!

Term 3, Week 2- The children were set a choice of homework tasks and two boys have completed one of the challenges already! The task was to do some cooking using war-time recipes.

We  were very impressed with the chocolate cake and honey biscuits! 

Well done boys! Some more delicious cakes, made using war-time recipes. It was interesting to learn that carrots were used in cakes to provide sweetness as sugar was rationed.

As well as enjoying eating the carrot cake, we even managed to link it with our work on fractions!

These boys are delighted that they can now convert mixed numbers to improper fractions! Two thumbs up to represent hard work and great understanding!
We were very pleased to receive a hand-written reply to our letters, from Berlie Doherty!

Term 3 Week 1-Our topic for this term is World War 2. We have already started reading two wonderful books- Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll and Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. Both books focus on the issue of evacuation and describe beautifully and vividly the experiences of children being sent from the cities to the relative safety of the countryside.


We are looking at 'Living things and their habitats' in Science this term. Here is a group of children finding out about the ways in which living things are classified and the characteristics of each animal type. They are working with Miss Chivers from Bath Spa University.

Mrs Ibison, who in Term 3 will be teaching Cheetahs on a Thursday morning each week, gave the class two wonderful books at Christmas. Here we are sharing and enjoying the books she gave us. Thank you Mrs Ibison!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. Thank you for some lovely gifts and cards. I appreciated them very much. 

We all enjoyed our end of term party on the last day!

Mrs Gurr was lucky enough to meet Berlie Doherty who wrote the book 'Street Child' that we studied in Term One. The children each wrote a letter to Berlie and Mrs Gurr made them into a book. The children's letters were very sincere and heartfelt and it was clear that everyone had really engaged with the story. 
Term 2 Week 6- The children were set two different homework tasks for this term. One of them was to produce an alternative front cover for the book we are studying- Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Look at these wonderful examples!
The children were also set the task of researching an island of their choice and producing an A3 poster presenting all their findings. There were some extremely impressive and interesting posters. Well done Cheetahs! 
I loved seeing all your fantastic homework projects. What a hard-working bunch you are!
Term 2 Week 5- Wednesday 5th December. We had such a wonderful day at Brokerswood organised by The Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team. I think we'd be able to survive in the woods now. We certainly know how to build shelters and make a fire!
We loved our outdoor lunch cooked on an open fire!
We enjoyed the archery session!
Term 2 Week 5- We have been researching different kinds of animals and looking at their habitats. We have been finding out about what they need to survive!