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Closure Work

Please send any work or questions to:

Another super week of fabulous week from you Cheetahs, well done! I am so impressed with your hard work and dedication to completing a range of different activities. It looks and sounds like many of you are having great fun whilst completing your work which is great to hear. The next topic is all about celebrations. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing more brilliant work. Hopefully, we can see each other in the near future and have a celebration to mark that special occasion!
We have been set a battle against Wolves on TTRockstars! It would be great if as many of you as possible could spend time on this to help the rest of your class out. We have a very good chance of winning if we all work together on this. Best of luck lovely cheetahs! 

Please check the blog! I have started a story and would love for you to take part in the activity to continue the story by adding a sentence. 

Let's see what brilliant story we can create!

Another week of fabulous work Cheetahs! I have been so impressed with your creativity and deep thinking around the topic of the environment. Also, your story writing has been superb! Week 6 is all about one of my favourite things: food! I can't wait to see and hear about all the amazing work you are going to create this week. 

I hope you are all keeping well, still smiling and enjoying the beautiful weather that has returned. Have a great weekend and week!  laugh

Wow! I have received such super work again this week from you Cheetahs on the topic of animals. Week 5 is all about the environment! The work for this week is below. I can't wait to see all the brilliant work you produce on this topic. Have a lovely weeksmiley

Thank you to all of you that have sent me through your super work for week 3 already. I am so impressed by the creativity and hard-work that is going into all your home-school work. If you have not sent me any work over email or posted on the blog, please do so as I would love to see it! 


Please find below the work for week 4 where the focus is animals. I hope you will enjoy completing the range of tasks and I really do look forward to seeing your fantastic work! 


I hope you are all staying safe, keeping well and enjoying the sunshine.


Miss Jefferys

Hello Cheetahs! 

I hope you have had a lovely Easter break spending time with your family, enjoying the sunshine and keeping safe.

Please find below your work for week 3. The focus this week is viewpoints and I hope you find the activities fun and interesting. I look forward to receiving lots of emails with all your super work and hearing all about what you have been busy doing! Please don't forgot to post lots on the blog, it is a great way to stay in touch.

I am missing you all and really hope to see you again very soon. In the meanwhile, keep working hard and stay

safe Cheetahs!

Miss Jefferys 

Term 5 Home Learning Overview

Easter Holiday Pick-a-mix tasks


Here are a few activities you could do over the Easter Holiday.  You don't have to do them and there is no need to email them to teachers.  Have a lovely Easter!

NHS Colour for our Carers

Thank you for all the fabulous work that you sent me last week. It has been great to see all the hard work you have putting in and hearing about what you have been doing. Please find below your week 2 learning project. I hope you enjoy completing it and I will look forward to seeing the brilliant work you produce. If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to ask - you can email me or post on the blog. Please continue to keep working hard, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!

Here is your week 1 work Cheetahs. Please use the blog to post any work or comments and please feel free to email me with any questions or any work to mark. Looking forward to seeing your fabulous work you send me!