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Welcome to Ducks Class

Year 3 



This Summer term, Duck's topic is THE RAINFOREST. We will be studying the layers and animals of the rainforest as well as map work linked to South America. Our work in Literacy will link to non fiction posters about the rainforest and an adaptation of Jack and the beanstalk! (More information in the curriculum letter.)

Work on Plants and the Rainforest

Our 3D Version of Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau

ICT Research and Presentation on Healthy Foods

How a Flower Grows

Still image for this video

This week in ducks - our displays about the rainforest and the ocelot; as well as starting salt dough maps of South America.

End of Year Expectations


Staverton 99: Our final list

As part of World Book Day 2016, the children have compiled the following list of their favourite books. This is a wide and varied list. Our aim is to purchase all these books and place them in our growing library.  

Spring Term 4 - AMAZING ANIMALS!

Our topic this term is Amazing Animals. We will be linking our learning to science - animals and humans , writing stories based on 'How the elephant got its trunk' , making animals masks and moving animals, researching animals for non fiction writing and learning about the music of Carnival of the Animals. In addition to this children will be learning to tell the time with a French link to the days of the week and months of the year. We will be covering the four rules of number in maths alongside fractions and problem solving. In RE we will be exploring the question, ' What is good about Good Friday?' as well as the Easter story.


As well as this exciting learning we will participate in SCIENCE WEEK and WORLD BOOK DAY!

T4W story - How the elephant got its trunk!

Spring Term 3 2016

This term our class topic is CHILDREN IN WORLD WAR TWO. We will be finding out about evacuation, The Blitz, children's toys and what children ate in wartime. We are looking forward to our Museum visit where we will dress up as evacuees and be 'billeted' for the day!

Curriculum letter Spring 2016 (Term 3)

May the force be with you!


Children in Ducks have been experimenting with hoops and bean bags this week in our Science work. We have worked out the effect of  pushes and pulls. Some children have explained what they found out.

Our trip to Trowbridge Museum!

On Friday January 15th January, Ducks class had an enjoyable morning at Trowbridge Museum finding out about LIFE IN WORLD WAR TWO.

We walked through the Shires waving, as people stopped to watch us in our evacuee outfits! When we arrived, we found out about gas masks and protection of people in the War, rationing and the cost of coupons to fill an evacuee's suitcase ;  as well as handling artefacts and dressing up as an ARP warden or a housewife. 

Children also had the opportunity to ask pre-planned  questions to John - a very chatty man who was six years old when war broke out in Britain. We were privileged to  hear of his antics in the countryside; bombing raids on his home and memories of Christmas, shopping, his dad's butchers, his feelings and much more.

We are now using this learning in our topic work in Class.

(Photos to follow shortly.)


Ducks would like to say thank you to the parents who helped organise their outfits (They were fabulous!) and a thank you to our parent helpers on the day.



Following Friday's after school cake sale, I am pleased to say that we raised about £120 which we will be spending on games for wet playtimes. Thank you to all parents and children who supported us with providing cakes and selling them! 

Autumn Term 2                                        

Welcome back to Ducks Class.


This term we will be begin with the topic 'After Dark...'​ Our Talk 4 Writing Story  is all about a British nocturnal animal so we will be finding out about other animals that come out at night time.  










Why Bats Sleep in the Day

Here is the story map of our model text Why Bats Sleep in the Day.  Can you re-tell the story using it?


Story Map Why Bats Sleep in the Day

Why Bats Sleep in the Day T4W Model Text

We had a special visitor from the Bats Conservation Trust. 

We learned lots of information about Bats.

Did you know....

  • Bats can eat up to 3000 insects in one night.
  • The smallest bat found in the UK weighed less than a £1 coin.
  • A baby bat is called a pup.
  • Bats are mammals and they are the only mammals that can fly.





We will be finding out about an area of the UK learning about the famous landmarks and looking at different maps.


Do you recognise the location? 







We have been finding out about London Landmarks for our Geography study.


We have been looking at different types of maps including a map of the London Underground

We planned some routes around London...have you ever been on the London Underground?













Autumn Term 1   


Our first topic is Stone Age to Iron Age. We will be finding out   about how people used to live a long time ago.


We will be visiting Stonehenge soon. Please see the letter which 

                                           came home earlier this week or download a copy below. 


To find out more about the Stone Age take a look at these websites:


Our Stonehenge Trip

Talk 4 Writing

Our first Talk 4 Writing story is Nail Soup.

We are learning to tell this story off by heart using actions and expression.  

Here is our class story map.. can you use it to tell the story?

Nail Soup 1

.Nail Soup 2Nail Soup 3

T4W Non-Fiction: Instructions

We are learning a set of instructions: How to catch a woolly mammoth

Can you perform them? 



Look out for our writing...

Ducks Class Cave Paintings


We are really enjoying our topic Stone Age to Iron Age and are keen to find out more!

Some of our Ducks have been finding out more about our topic at home...


Values for Life 

Our value this term is: Thankfulness


We have been discussing what we are thankful for in our own lives. 

Our art work inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy

Personal Safety

We had a visit from the local police to talk about 'Personal Safety'

We learned to stay visible in the dark evenings by wearing hi-vis clothing.

We learned to wear a helmet to protect our brains when cycling or scooting. 

We learned about what to do if a stranger approaches us: use a big voice to shout and tell a safe grown up straight away.

We also learned to stay in one place if we got lost or to approach a safe grown up if we are lost in a shop.