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Science Experiments! We put out fires and cleaned flood water


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Spring Term!

Spring Term!

This year is flying by so far! Our Spring Term topic has been 'Disasters!' and we have absolutely loved it. We started the term by finding out about The Plague and we were amazed to hear about some of the crazy ideas the doctors had for getting rid of the disease. Some doctors thought patients should coat themselves in oil and sit in the oven! This seemed ridiculous to us! More sensible ideas were carrying around sweet-smelling herbs or lucky charms. However, we found out that none of these actually helped at all.


This term, we moved onto looking at volcanoes and other natural disasters. We learnt so many tricky words and phrases to do with volcanoes and can even label the main vent, magma chamber and secondary cone on a diagram! One of the most exciting things which we have done was learning what to do if there was an earthquake. We had to stop what we were doing, duck and cover, crawl under our tables and stay there until it was safe to come out. We then evacuated the building and lined up in register order.


In Literacy we got to choose whether we wanted to do a short research project on flooding, tornadoes, tsunamis or more about volcanic eruptions. Come and have a look at the reports which we wrote for our Big Write session!


After a class vote, we decided that we wanted to spend the cake sale money that we raised on maths board games for our classroom. We raised enough money to buy 10 different games and we absolutely love them! The trickiest one is Money Bingo but with some practice we will get quicker at spotting amounts and solving money problems. Our favourite games are Place Value Bingo and Pizza Fractions, and we are all really excited to have a go at 'What's My Number?' which is like Guess Who (but with numbers!)


With only 2 weeks left until the end of term, we still have lots to learn and some very exciting things to look forward to, including  Science Week, the 'Animal Magic' music show, and coming up with our own 'Disaster!' stories for our last Big Write of the term.


Autumn Term in Ducks' Class

The Ducks have had a super busy start to the school year! Our first topic was 'Once Upon a Time' and we learnt lots of amazing facts about what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt. We also explored 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Matilda' which we really enjoyed. Roald Dahl is now one of our favourite authors! Another thing we have enjoyed is doing our Big Write on a Friday. Miss Jones loves reading through our stories and predicts that there are lots of future authors in the class.


Thank you to all who came to our Family Assembly. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and we really enjoyed showing you what we had been up to.