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Welcome to Eagles' Class

Year 6


Welcome to a new year in Eagles class!




We also have a change of staff in Eagles this year.

Teacher - Miss Allen/Mrs Ibison (one day a week)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Arlett, Miss Cafferkey and Mrs Watts

End of Year Expectations

Big Maths and parabolic curves!


Today we completed our BIG maths outside on the playground. We drew parabolic curves. We investigated what happens to the shape of the curve when we change the angle of the axis. Have a look at our results!


Residential update!


Thursday - canoeing and climbing today. All the groups did well. Karina and Millie showed impressive climbing skills and reach the top on the highest climbs. In Mrs Knight and Mr Tandy's group, Asha, Sophie and Leah showed huge enthusiasm and were able to paddle their canoe very successfully. Miss Allen's group all showed excellent skills with one canoe being faster than the staff! Gorge walking and home tomorrow. See everyone soon! 


Wednesday - caving and climbing today. The two caving groups did really well and overcame their initial fears. Many of the children completed all the challenges and some did them twice! Alisha acted as Miss Allen's bodyguard and help her to know when to duck down lower in some of the trickier caves.  Lauren was also really good at encouraging the adults and the children when they got a bit scared.  The boys of red group dived into every cave without hesitation and Karina was also really brave in her group.


Mr Tandy and Mrs Knight enjoyed the climbing and were amazed at how quickly some of their group got to the top of the tricky high climbs. There will be some great photos to look at when we get back to school! 


This evening the children took part in the Dingle Descent, which involved climbing down a river while strapped to the other members of your team, Mr Tandy's group completed the challenge in record time. 


Tuesday - despite the rain, the children had a fab day today with different groups taking part in climbing, canoeing and caving. 


Joe was particularly amazing at the climbing, reaching the highest point on the hardest climb with record time. Leah and Ethan were fantastic in the caves and every child had a go (even when they were scared). 


The highlight of the canoeing was when Beth managed to lose her wellies in the canal! They are still somewhere at the bottom as no-one could find them! 


This evening, the children took part in orienteering and two teams of boys were particularly successful by not only reaching the hardest challenge, but also completing it incredibly quickly! 


All the children are working hard and trying everything.  More caving and climbing tomorrow. Now the rooms are quite and the staff can finally go to bed.


Monday - We arrived safely at Plas Pencelli after a two hour drive from Staverton. The children were then told their rooms and had to collect bedding in order to make their own beds! Some found this quite challenging!  After this they were taken to the dinner hall to make their lunch for the day. 


The first activity was 'The Adventure Walk'. Little did we imagine what 'adventure' would entail as we put on waterproofs and wellies. We were then split into our teams and began our adventure. The first step was walking through what appeared to be a small stream. However, this got much deeper in places and many soon found their feet getting a bit wet. Soon we were ducking under and over obstacles and one team even found themselves negotiating a tunnel and a part of the course blindfolded! It was really challenging but everyone tried hard. 


After dinner, the children completed the problem solving challenges before settling in for a good nights sleep.

The Great Debate!

Today in Literacy, Year 6 took part in a class debate.  The topic was "should children be paid to come to school".

The children where spilt into three teams: for, against and a judging panel.

The whole class did amazingly well and the debate soon heated up with outstanding contributions from both the for and against teams and some extremely challenging questions from the panel.  At the end of the debate the For team won the day thanks to their amazing ability to think quickly when answering tough questions.


Well done to the whole class!

Library Club

Do you like reading? Come to library club!


Staverton 99 : Our final list

As part of World Book Day 2016, the children have compiled the following list of their favourite books. This is a wide and varied list. Our aim is to purchase all these books and place them in our growing library.  

Term 4

Bath Abbey visit


Year 5 and Year 6 visited Bath Abbey on Friday 11th March to take part in the Easter Experience. This is an interactive workshop designed to help children explore and reflect on the message of Easter. All the children participated fully in the different stations of the cross. The volunteers from Bath Abbey and members of the public commented on how well behaved and enthusiastic the children were. Well done!

Staverton Science Week starts on Monday 14th March!

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge continues!  Eagles now have several children on their SUPER GOLD bookmark! 

Keep it up Year 6!

Remember, you can only get one box filled in each day, so it is important to read often!

World Book Day 2016

Term 3

Happy New Year!  


Welcome back after the Christmas break.  I hope you all had a wonderful time!


This term our topic is Dinosaurs and Fossils.  Our main focus will be on human fossils and the theory of evolution.

Gentle reminder!

Please can you make sure your child has their full PE kit on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As we head into the colder weather, please make sure your child has appropriate clothing and footwear.


Thank you for your support. 

Reverend Hugh Hoskins visits Eagles

Asking questions about the Christian faith

Eagles Class Cake Sale - Thanks to all

Thank you for the amazing turn out at the Eagles class cake sale last Friday.  We raised £185 for the class!

A massive 'Thank You' to the army of parents who helped run the sale.  You are all amazing!

BIG maths

We have had fun investigating several different mathematical problems this half term. We are working hard to:

- find ways to explore mathematical problems and make sense of them

- work systematically


Here is one puzzle we investigated recently. Draw a 5 x 5 square on a 1-100 grid. Can you find a really quick way to find the total of all the numbers within the square?  We can!  Take a peek at the pdf document if you want the answer!



Here is another puzzle for you to ponder over...



Choose from these cards:  4    7   3   9 

Pick three cards and make a 3 digit number. Divide the 3 digit number by the remaining single digit number.

How many results have no remainders? How do you know?

Football with Active Trowbridge

A review of a recent football session with Active Trowbridge

A review of a recent football session with Active Trowbridge