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Welcome to Eagles' Class

Year 5 and 6


Welcome to Eagles class, year 5/6!  This year our staff are as follows...


Teacher: Miss Allen (Mrs Ibison on Friday)

Teaching Assistant:  Mr Tandy

What a great day at the Oscars! Well done Eagles on all your hard work!

Oh, Yes we did! - Panto success for Eagles and Foxes

Last week Eagles and Foxes performed their end of Year production - Aladdin Trouble.


For two nights parents and family were treated to brilliant singing, fantastic acting and even a custard pie in the face for one lucky cast member.


Well done to all the children involved - you worked incredibly hard to learn lines, song words and even how to use the music system and lighting rig!





Panto Pics

Whilst some of Eagles were away on residential, the rest of us have been working hard. We investigated the art work of William Morris. We have started to create our own wallpaper designs in the style of William Morris. Look at our work.

BIG maths: We enjoy our weekly BIG maths investigations. This week our invetigation was all about factors and multiples. We had to discuss our ideas and share our discoveries to get close to finding all the possibilities! This puzzle was much more challenging than it first looked!

Creating our own Karma games based on the original Hindu game of Snakes and Ladders.

Creating Holy Week Triptychs

Red Nose Day

Thank you to everyone who dressed up in red on Red Nose Day. Your contributions raised £231!  Thank you. In Eagles, we designed our own red noses. Here are some of our designs. 

Netball: Eagles have been working hard to improve their netball skills.

Welcome to Term 3!


A new year has arrived and with it a new topic.


Our topic question this term is:


What is so special about the USA?


We look forward to finding out!

On your bike!


This week is Bikeability week for Years 5 and 6.  Today an intrepid group of children have braved the cold in order to learn how to ride their bikes safely on roads. 


Despite the cold, the children have had a great time and have learnt loads of new skills and tips.


Other groups will have their sessions throughout the week.

The Great Debate!


In Eagles, we have been working on balanced arguments.


As part of this unit we held a debate to answer one of the great Fairy Tale questions...


"Should Jack be punished?"


We learnt the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and then split the class into three teams:  a judging panel, Yes team and the No team.


After a session heated debating the judging panel decided in favour of the YES team, lead by Mr Tandy.  There were some brilliant arguments on both sides, but Tom's 'was the beanstalk in British airspace' argument was hard to top!


The class will now be writing up the arguments - well done Eagles!

New Term:  New topic!


Term 2 has begun and we have a new topic.  Our topic question this term is...

"Why should gunpowder, treason and plot never be forgotten?"

We will be exploring what happened during the gunpowder plot and the years that followed.  We will be looking at the British Civil War, the Restoration and the Great Fire of London.


Do you know when you use a possessive apostrophe? Eagles do. We have mastered the use of the possessive apostrophe by writing silly sentences about our teachers. Here are some examples:

  • Miss Allen's wig fell off during assembly.
  • Mr Tandy's fluffy dressing gown is bright pink.
  • Mrs Ibison's false teeth chattered loudly!


Do you know what advent means?

Do you know why there are five candles on an advent wreath?

Can you explain why the candles on an advent wreath are different colours?

Eagles can tell you!

Big maths challenge!

The large rectangle above is divided into a series of smaller quadrilaterals and triangles. Each of the shapes is a fractional part of the large rectangle.

Can you untangle what fractional part is represented by each of the ten numbered shapes?

Learning showcase: Well done Eagles for your fabulous learning showcase today. It was packed full of information and fascinating facts. It was great to welcome so many parents and carers into school to watch the children. Thank you for coming.

BIG maths! We have enjoyed a variety of maths investigations this half term. Our latest investigation was to use all 4 operations to find a target number. It was just like playing Countdown. It was great fun and super challenging.

Brighten UP for harvest. We had fun during our multicoloured day for harvest. We wore crazy clothes and made a giant paper chain which filled the playground. The money we raised will got o support people in Bolivia.

Commitment: We have been looking at ways in which Muslims show commitment to their God, Allah. We have compared this to ways in which we can show commitment towards other people. Here is a photograph of our "Giving Hands." We can "give" a lot of things to other people such as love, friendship and support.