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Welcome to Elephants

Year 5

Term 5 and Term 6

This term we are going to be finding out why Africa really is so wild, while preparing for our end of year performance. It is going to be a very exciting and busy term!


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Here is our Song that we created with Rocktopus! 



Well done Elephants! You smashed the library competition! A well-earned party!

Year 5 Taster Day at Clarendon

What is a synonym and an antonym? We investigated different words and sorted them into groups. We then played board games to consolidate our understanding.

BIG maths: Can you make the target number 100? Is there only one way to do it? How do you know? Enjoyed this investigative lesson.

Investigating levers: How many blocks will it take to lift the load off the table? Does it make a difference where the fulcrum is?

Reasoning about time

We were given a variety of analogue and digital times. We had to sort them into groups and explain why we had chosen to sort the times in that way. We then had to order the cards. Again, we had to explain our reasoning as to why we had chosen to order the times in that way. We will continue our work on time over the next half term. Don't forget, this is something you can easily practise at home. 

Sketching landscapes

We have spent the week watching a short film called Road's End. This is a mysterious film set in a desert landscape. We had a go at using the sketching pencils to draw this landscape. Here are our first attempts. 

We love reading so much that some of us choose to read during wet play!

Some of us were so inspired by the thought provoking film Roads End, that we continued to write during wet play.

Exploring percentages and their equivalent fractions and decimals!

Fantastic learning exploring percentages and their equivalent fractions and decimals!

Investigating air resistance and measuring scientifically

A drama lesson to delve into a scene from Lion King. We are now going to rewrite the play script in a narrative form.

Some amazing pieces of writing from Elephants on the first week back. Show off with a selfie! Fantastic descriptions of Scar.

Come and have a look at the HUGE range of books we have in our class book corner this term! There is something for everyone!

Can you turn a bucket of water upside down and not get wet? How? What is the science behind this investigation?

Which will fall first: a stone or a scrunched up piece of paper? Aristotle said heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects. Is he correct?

What a great Hot Task! You have worked so hard. Well done!

An amazing Non Chronological report - all about an artist and so beautifully presented. Well done, super star!

What an amazing term of Maths learning based around on fractions!

Mr Mead's half term reading recommended by Felix!

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Let me know what you read over half term... here is a recommendation if you enjoyed Wonder this term. You can finally uncover what is really going on with Julian! Available from Trowbridge library or any book stores or online retailers.

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Over half term remember to spend time on some of the fantastic learning resources you can access at home! 

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Cold Task- Non-chronological reports about Space.

Some beautifully presented non-chronological reports- Cold Task

End of Year Expectations

Science Week- Year 5/6 Trip to Bath taps into science.

Guess where we went yesterday?

Little people, BIG dreams

Today we read this book about Ada Lovelace, a phenomenal mathematician. Did you know she was the world's first computer programmer? She showed that when you use science and imagination, your dreams can take flight. We created our own portraits of Ada Lovelace, in the style of Zafouko Yamamoto, the illustrator.

Have you read this book? It's fascinating! It tells of a young, curious scientist called Ada Marie Twist. Can you work out where the author got the idea for her character's name?

Science Investigation- can you create a glider, using the given template, that can fly in a straight line over 3 meters?

World Book Day!

Elephants Class- Trip to Trowbridge library. Remember to keep collecting your stamps!


Can you help us? :) 


Dear Parent/ Carers,


As you are probably already aware, in the summer, Year 5 and 6 will be performing Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ which we are all very excited about!

To ensure this is the biggest and best show Staverton has ever put on, we are looking to set up a parent support group for prop making, scenery preparation, face painting etc.  We need a wide range of support and expertise!

Ideally, we would have a couple of parents who would take a lead role in this to help us collect things we may need e.g. cardboard and sorting timings for parents to make and design props and scenery. We are aware that once spring arrives, time will fly away with us and we need to start thinking about this soon.

If you would be willing to help with this, please can you let Tanya Andrews (FOSS) know by March 3rd. We will need to start generating ideas later this term.

Many thanks,


Miss Kilbey and Mr Mead



World Book Day news: A huge thank you to everyone who dressed up on World Book Day. You all looked fabulous! Who could have guessed there wouldd be so many Oompa Loompas and Gangster Grannies? Certificates and prizes for costumes and extreme reading photos will be handed uout next week. What a shame the snow disrupted our plans.

Term 4Image result for egypt

Any ideas what our topic is for Term 4? 

Extreme reading: Don't forget to take a photo of yourself doing an extreme read, ready for World Book Day. Here are a few early entries...

It was lovely to see so many children from Elephants class in Trowbridge Library over the half term. I hope you all got your loyalty cards stamped. Go Elephants! Great reading. 

We enjoyed our visit from Rocktopus! It was a fun filled 30mins of composing, performing, recording and creativity!

Term 3

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This term we are going to be exploring the environmental issues surrounding India. We will also be exploring traditional Indian art.

https://creaImage result for movie wonder


Here is the link where you can design your own face and generate your precept! Enjoy!

Image result for wonderOur focus text in English this term is 'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio. We will be looking in-depth at the text within guided reading and then using the story structure and specific extracts to extend our own learning and apply this in our writing.


Wonder: We enjoyed creating short drama sketches to show the close relationship between Via and Auggie.

Here is a link to the 'Wonder' film trailer which is currently in cinemas.


Here is a link to 'First News' which gives you some more information about the film.

Diamond puzzles: What do you notice about these diamond puzzles? How to they work?

In a diamond puzzle, the middle number is the product of the top two numbers. Also, the bottom number is the sum of the middle numbers. Do you know what the mathematical terms product and sum mean? Can you draw your own diamond puzzle?

Earth and Space: Do you know the order of the planets in our Solar System? Can you write a mnemonic to help remember them?

Do you know how far the different planets are from the Sun? We drew diagrams to scale to show the different distances.

Term 2

After an exciting term learning about Henry 8th, we will continuing our learning about the Tudors. We will be using 'A Tale Unfolds' to bring our learning alive, while writing and filming character profiles. Keep an eye out for these. 

It is going to be a very busy term.

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Well done Elephants and Rhions for putting on such a great show! You sounded fantastic. We are so proud of all that you have achieved during Term Two. What a way to end the term! smiley

The BIG debate: Should brussel sprouts be part of Christmas lunch?

We enjoyed reading an article on First News all about brussel sprouts. We then used the evidence to write balanced articles.

We put our Growth Mindset skills to great use today as we tried out some origami. Look at our results.

First News Newspaper is always worth a look.

Playing team games during Anti-bullying Week. All different, All equal.

Remembrance. Today we wrote Remembrance poems. We will have a special Remembrance Service in school tomorrow. Some of our poems will be on display.

Big Maths 9th November 2017 Use the 'double-3 down' dominoes. Arrange these dominoes to make this square so that each side has eight dots. This was a challenging puzzle. Some of us managed it but some of us haven't succeeded yet! Look at these photos. Which arrangements are successful?

Big Maths 3rd November 2017: What do the digits in the number fifteen add up to? How many other numbers have digits with the same total if we only include numbers without zeros?

Image result for narniaThis term our focus text and T4W will be based around "The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe..."

Puppy dog eyes: We recently read a newspaper article which explained that, according to new research, dogs produce more facial expressions when they know we are looking at them. Apparently, puppy-dog eyes (raising the eyebrows to make the eyes look bigger), was the dogs' most commonly used expression. Here we are showing our puppy dog eyes!

Term 1

Our first topic this term is called "How terrible were The Tudors?" 


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We will be having a special guest visit us in the next few weeks...

Look at the journey of creating our clay Tudor Roses.

Tudor Day

A term of fantastic homework projects Elephants. Well done for the hard work and effort that has been put into every single project!

Science: Which materials dissolve in water?

Fleur Hitchcock : a famous author

Our trip to Trowbridge library to meet Fleur Hitchcock!

We loved our visit to Trowbridge library. Why not read our comments?

Can you retell the story of 'Miss Trunchbull"?