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Field Mice

Field Mice Class

Foundation Stage





Term 6 2016

"Garden Detectives"


The topic this term will be based on the theme of “Garden Detectives”. Focusing on life in and around the pond and garden we will continue to investigate the stages of development in ladybirds and butterflies as well as other familiar animals and insects. We have already, in term 5, watched the early development of jelly fish in the classroom and we will be raising ladybirds and butterflies  this term. As the weather improves we spend more of our time outdoors, making good use of the playground, pond area and field.


Our Talk 4 Writing story for half of the term is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Can you or your child tell the story from the map below?

Have a look at our class 100 square. How many numbers can your child recognise? Have a practise of the ones they aren't sure of.

Take a look at the spellings list. See how many your child can read and write, remembering that children are at different stages of their learning, but we also encourage children to have a go.

We have a cheeky fairy that keeps visiting our classroom through the fairy door...take a look at the pictures below. She has been getting up to all sorts of mischief. We have been writing rules for her to help her to make good choices but she is just not listening!

Cake sale is on Friday 24th June so we look forward to seeing  you there.  Please send the children in with your cakes contribution in the morning so that we can set up the stalls in the afternoon. Any raffle prizes that you can donate can be received at any point next week.


Of course, we do have many more things to come like Sports Day, Cinema Trip and we are also hoping to hold a Field Mice awards ceremony at the end of term. (A letter will follow as I think some dressing up  for the ceremony is required!)


More updates soon!!

All the best, Mrs Hannaford


The Very Hungry Tadpole! Innovated by The Field Mice! Can you tell the story from the map?!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map

The cheeky fairy, her cheeky antics and her little kingdom!!!

The Hundred Square-how many numbers do they know? Ask them what they notice.

Little Jack Story Map



Term 5 2016


"Under the Sea"


Welcome back, and we hope you all had a restful Easter.


Our topic this term is Under the Sea. Lots to look forward to and hopefully we will have some special creatures coming to visit us very soon!


This term we have been learning our first of 2 Talk for Writing stories. The first is called The Rainbow Princess. The text map below is for you to practise with your child at home. The children have also been drawing their own versions of the story map. Take a look at some of them below! We have also been working on our number sentences with a focus on addition. The children have also decorated our Under the Sea corner with lots of sea life! 



The tank is all set up and ready for our visiting sea creatures. They arrive tomorrow and are with us until the end of term. I wonder what they will be?


The tank is ready. Our sea creatures will be here tomorrow. What will they be?

The Rainbow Princess Story Map

Some of the children's Rainbow Princess story maps!

Our Under the Sea area decorated by the children.


Staverton 99: Our final list

As part of World Book Day 2016, the children have compiled the following list of their favourite books. This is a wide and varied list. Our aim is to purchase all these books and place them in our growing library.  

Term 4-Space


Well it's only been a week and so much to report already!

This week we made our own lists of things to take to Space. We wrote these on rockets and have put them up on display in the shared area. Take a look! We also received a video message and a box of vegetables from a farmer (who looked suspiciously like Mrs Hannaford). The farmer asked The Field Mice to make something with the vegetables and they decided to make soup. We also noticed there were turnips in the box and one child commented that there was a story about a turnip. Well, that is exactly why we made our soup: Our Talk For Writing story this term is The Enormous Turnip! This week has been all about hooking the children in to the story by making soup and roleplaying the story in PE! 27 children chopping vegetables at the same time is possible as it turns out! We had a great time and also wrote some fantastic instructions too. Examples of these are also displayed in the shared area if you would like to take a look. We have also continued to do fantastic writing in Read Write Inc and in Maths we have been working hard to find 1 more and 1 less than numbers up to 20. In Art we have been creating our own planets and space scenes. Take a look at pictures of our busy week below!

Don't forget it's our Learning Showcase this week Friday 4th March. Not only do we have lots of things to show you in the hall, but you will also be invited down to the classroom so you can take a look at the children's books and even have a play in the Planetarium! Not only that, we may have a surprise to show you this space!





Making Turnip Soup (Talk For Writing Hook)

The Enormous Turnip in PE!

Art in Space

I am really looking forward to this term in class. Our topic is Space and we have a new Talk 4 Writing story to get our teeth into as well.

There are lots of exciting experiences coming up this term, including our Learning Showcase and  Staverton Science Fair on Monday 14th March. Please see attached letter for the details about the Science Fair. Have fun creating your projects! We also have a school trip to @Bristol on 18th March, a possible visit from a space ship, and a space dress up day! Keep an eye in book bags for this term's curriculum letter for more dates and details. See you on Monday!


Mrs Hannaford xxx

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge continues!  Remember, you can only get one box filled in each day, so it is important to read often!

Term 3 2016


What a fun term we have had! We have loved our Dance lessons in which we learned dinosaur dances to music. We really had to listen to the music carefully and think about whether the dinosaurs would move fast or slow to the music. We also danced/acted out the story of a dinosaur from birth to extinction. We look forward to showing you at our Learning Showcase next term!

We have learned lots about dinosaurs and have enjoyed our Talk 4 Writing Story of Peter and the Wolf. The children have made super progress with their language and understanding of story structures. This confidence has had a great impact on their writing. They changed the story (Innovation week) to Lucy and The Dinosaur. They also completed story maps for this innovated story. I was very impressed when they came to creating their own stories (Invention week). They came up with some fabulous ones!

They have made leaps in their understanding of Number and have been doing lots of addition this term. We are also beginning to look at subtracting. Many activities are now done as a whole class which is encouraging them to be more independent but also is a great way to find out what they can do on their own. They surprise me every day with what they are capable of. I am a very proud teacher and I am sure if you take a look at some of the work they are producing below you will be proud too.

Explore time is as productive as ever with the children doing a lot of collaborative projects and continuing to enjoy the outdoor area. There is a real sense of camaraderie in the class and they are forming some really wonderful friendships. Its wonderful to hear about how they all help each other at lunch times when using the Play Pod equipment. In class they are very supportive of each other's learning and that is a value we will nurture. Our Value for Life theme this term is Hope. The children wrote some wonderful prayers and developed a real understanding of what Hope means to them. We are encouraging them to think about what they might 'hope' for, for someone else.

Safer Internet Day

Still image for this video
The chant we learned to help us remember how to keep safe online!
"When you click, click, click, you've got to think, think, think, and tell someone!"

Writing through Talk For Writing

Maths in Action - addition and subtraction

Addition and pattern

More explore time fun-albeit muddy!





Welcome back to all of the Foundation Stage children in Field Mice and their parents and carers too.

Our topic this term will be based on the theme of “Dinosaurs” and will be based particularly around the Science and Maths areas of the curriculum - linking to lots of fun activities and use of non-fiction books. This theme will also link closely with our Dance work in PE and with work in ICT where the children will continue working with programmable robots. We have a new role-play area which on the outside appears as a Dinosaur Museum, but on the inside it is a dark room to wow the children’s senses! With glow in the dark messages, dinosaur books, writing materials, counting materials, torches and the ability to project dinosaur images on to the walls, it is a hive of activity for the children to explore dark and light and practise the skills of reading, writing and maths in a variety of different ways.  We also have our new toy dinosaur Dexter who is new to the class and the children are helping him to settle in.

Our Talk 4 Writing story this term is 'Peter and the Wolf'. We have started to learn it already and the children are visibly enjoying it. The actions for key connectives is well embedded and they are all picking up the order of the story well. Have a look at our story map. Can the children tell you the story using this as a prompt?

Please also scroll down to see some of the super writing the children have been doing already this term. Below you will find some questions the children have been thinking about. This demonstrates their understanding of questions and we look forward to finding out the answers in due course! We have also been exploring Maths this week and looking at all the things we can find out using bead strings. The children used things they already know and attempted to find out new maths facts using the elements of problem solving where we Explore, Record and Notice. Keep checking back here for more exciting updates!


Peter and the Wolf

Exploring Maths and sharing our findings!

Term 2


This term is a very busy one and we are well into rehearsing for the 'ABC Nativity'. Costumes are being sorted and remaining tickets will be released for sale on Monday 30th November and will be available to buy 0830-0850 like last week.

We are very excited to share this performance with you. Please continue to help your child to learn their lines off by heart. It is quite obvious the time and effort that has gone into rehearsing their lines at home so thank you so much for your support.

We went on a fantastic Welly Walk this term and we noticed lots of changes in the environment. One of my favourite comments was a child listening to bird-song and saying "I think he is singing about the time he got stuck in a pie!". Children do say the most wonderful things.

We were also very fortunate to have so many grandparents come in for the old and new toy show in Field Mice and Harvest Mice. It was such a lovely morning and lots to be learned. One grandparent was teaching 2 boys to play marbles while other children played with a very old train set. It was a pleasure to have their family members in class and we are already thinking up the next idea to entice you back! Take a look at some photos from these 2 events.

What a lovely term we are having. See you at the Xmas Bazaar, after school on Friday 4th December!

Grandparents/Grandchildren Old and New Toy Show

Welly Walk

Here is our story map for 'Going for a Song' - can you tell the story to your parents at home?

Programmable Toys. We enjoyed using the Beebots this week!

Problem Solving in Maths-How many ways to make 5

Explore Time Term 2

We love the mud kitchen!

We are Gymnasts!

Well it is time for the new term! There is lots to look forward to including the

Nativity and all the Christmas related activities we have coming up towards the end of term. Letters about the Nativity will be sent out in the first few weeks of term with information about purchasing tickets and the part your child will play. Watch this space!The children have already designed Christmas cards so look out for order forms in your child's book-bags soon if you would like to purchase some personalised cards to send to friends and family. Thanks to FOSS for organising this.

Our new Talk 4 Writing story is called 'Going for a Song' and it is all about a donkey who goes on a journey to sing in a city. He meets friends along the way too. This links nicely with our role-play area as we have a knights and princesses castle and dressing up which also links quite nicely to the character Shrek who also has a singing donkey! Please take a look at the key words for this story in the documents section and practise writing and reading these words at home with your child.

We will also be looking at old toys and thinking about and comparing new ones with old ones. We also hope to host a Grandparents day where a child can bring their grandparent or granduncle/aunt to school along with their old toys, and we can have a big show and tell of the child's chosen new toy and their adults old toy.

But first we will be thinking about Fireworks night and how to keep safe during this term. We will also be supporting Anti-Bullying week through lots of fun and engaging activities. We will update you as the term goes on. Keep checking on here for photos or updates. Take a look at some great photos from Term 1 and more recently what we have been up to so far in Term 2!


Please keep the letter formation and recognition worksheets at home for reference. A little daily practise at home can make a big difference. Our class target this term is to recognise numbers to 15.


Here are the words we have been reading in Read Write Inc. Please can your child practise reading these at home.

Set 1







Set 2














Set 3














Set 4


















Set 5













Some examples of The Troll Bridge by Field Mice class