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Field Mice

Welcome to Field Mice Class

Foundation Stage

Are all Minibeasts scary?

This term we are learning all about minibeasts and our Talk 4 Writing story is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children have made their own maps and are absolutely fabulous! They have also written labels, sentences or the full story already! We are looking forward to our school trip to Avon Valley to learn more about different creatures.

We are expecting a delivery next this space to find out what creatures we will be developing this term!

Friday 23rd June: Trip to the park as a treat for all their hard work! Such great friends and lots of team work. You are ALL Fantastic Field Mice to me!

Term 5 2017

Who are the famous animals in nursery rhymes?


Welcome back after the Easter holidays!

We have an exciting term ahead with lots of outdoor and indoor learning. Our Learning Challenge question this term is 'Who are the famous animals in nursery rhymes?". We will be learning some key nursery rhymes through Talk for Writing, and this will be done on a weekly basis due to the shorter nature of these rhymes. The writing this term so far has been incredible and I will be posting some of our cold (before teacher input) and hot tasks (after teacher input) so you can see the progress they are making.

In Maths we are working on using and recognising numbers to 20 and beyond. We have had lots of fun and photos will be added soon to show you how we are learning through play as well as doing more formal writing and maths in preparation for our transition to Year 1.

Letters have gone home about our trip next term. All letters, spellings and homework are also on here for you if you have mislaid a copy. Photos to follow!

Term 4 2017

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,

How I Wonder What You Are?"





What a wonderful term we have had. Travelling through stars, theatre workshops, trips to the field, Science week, bubble experiments, learning and writing stories, outdoor learning, watching our tadpole(s) develop and learning all about 3d shapes and their properties!

It has been such a blast and the progress they have all made has been tremendous. Well done Field Mice. You are all developing your Growth Mind Sets and 'having a go'. I am full of pride!

Have a very happy Easter! You are all amazing!!! Mrs Hannaford x



5,4,3,2,1.... Blast off!!

This term we are heading into a super space adventure. Our WOW moment will be a trip to the Solar system through the use of technology.

There will also be a space man mystery where he have to work out who has visited our classroom?

There is also an awesome space rocket role play for the children to enter their own little world of space play.

Not only that, we are very excited to begin learning our new Talk For Writing story: How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers. An exciting term ahead and we look forward to seeing you!

Term 3 2017

Who can I ask for help?

We had been getting stuck into the Imitation stage for Talk 4 Writing and now we are Innovating (making one change to original) story. We will then be inventing our very own. We have also continued our daily spelling games linked to The Enormous Turnip. We have all had a go at sequencing the story, identifying the beginning, middle and end, role playing and hot seating, and guided and shared writing of either labels, captions or sentences. Our innovated version is "The Enormous Carrot Man". We changed the turnip to carrot man!

In Maths we have begun our mastery of using numbers up to 10 through a variety of ways. We have also been comparing lengths and weights using the correct language of "shortest/longest - heaviest/lightest".

Our spellings practised at home are continuing to be a great success and we are seeing their use of these spellings accurately in their writing. All the children are now "having a go!". Their Growth Mindset developing before our very eyes! 

We have also had more Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates from the reading challenge. For all the children that have started the reading challenge by filling in the bronze bookmarks it shows a great achievement and shows your great commitment to supporting your child's learning. So thank you for that. 

Please see pictures and captions below for some of our learning and fun had this past few weeks. We hope you enjoy an example  of some of the videos the children have made in Computing.

Computing: to know how to film using the ipad

Still image for this video
Filming each other telling our original version of The Enormous Turnip.


Still image for this video
Trying hard to film our friends using the video feature on the iPads. Getting there!

Cross curricular learning

Still image for this video
Computing/Social Development/Literacy (Retelling of our Innovated version of our story)

Week 3 in pictures!




On the first day of term we were visited by Andrew the Policeman. We learned lots about what the police do and how they help us. We also got to visit the police car and see the siren flashing!

The Enormous Turnip - STORY MAP

Immersing ourselves and acting out our new Talk For Writing story: The Enormous Turnip. Also about people (and animals!) that helped each other!

We are regularly practising writing our names. We have also been practising key spellings from The Enormous Turnip including the title and character names.

This week we have been consolidating our mastery of using numbers up to 5 including accurately counting objects, adding, subtracting and showing our teacher how many ways we can make 1,2,3,4,5. We have also been matching objects to numerals as a whole class and then independently with a variety of resources. We have then recorded our findings in a way that we can interpret and explain.


Who can I ask for help?



Welcome back to our new term and we hope you have all had a restful holiday.


Our new topic is 'WHO CAN I ASK FOR HELP?'.


We will be starting this topic with a WOW moment of meeting someone very special that helps us in our Community!


Our Talk For Writing story will also be about people (and animals) that helped each other: The Enormous Turnip. The story map will be up on this page very soon and our Curriculum letter too. This will also be sent out as a paper copy. This term the Foundation children will have spellings to learn as an additional homework to be tested at the end of each week and these will be differentiated to their stage in their reading and writing journey. More information about these will be sent home with their normal grid choice homework at the end of the first week back. Also, as promised please look below for your child's Nativity photos.


A very exciting term ahead and we look forward to sharing what we have been learning at the Field Mice Learning Showcase on Friday 3rd February.


Term 2

Why is it always cold in Winter?

Field Mice and Family Welly Walk!

Main Learning Challenge:

Why is it always cold in winter?


Our topic this term is focussed around the Learning Challenge question: Why is it always cold in Winter?

This term is full of exciting events including a Welly Walk , the build up to Christmas and of course the annual Foundation Stage Nativity: A particularly magical time at this age!


We have got stuck into learning our Talk For Writing poem called 'Autumn Leaves'. Have a look at the text map below. Can they tell you the poem using the text map?



'Autumn Leaves' Text Map : Pages 1 and 2

Main Learning Challenge: Is everybody's home the same?


Well this term has been a busy one! The children are now settled into life as Field Mice and we are thrilled with the progress they are all making. We have found some muddy hoof prints in the class and have been on a pig hunt. We have learned our Talk For Writing story The Three Little Pigs and are enjoying performing this. See the story map below-can your child tell you the story using the map?

We have had some fantastic homework projects brought in and the homes are displayed in the shared area, while the pigs are hung up on the washing line in the class room. Thank you for your continued support with this.

Read Write Inc sessions are going strong and lots of the children can now identify the first sound in words or write 3 letter words. They are all beginning to form recognisable letters and working so hard.

Maths is also a joy and the children enjoy getting ready for our Maths lesson. I say "Hocus Pocus" and the children shout back "Let's get focussed!".

Our topic focus is continuing to be an enjoyable one. We all noticed that everybody's home is different but there are some things that all homes have too. We have also learned about animals homes and matched the homes to the animals. Please take a look below at some photos of many of the wonderful things we have done this term.

The Three Little Pigs story map

The Pig Hunt/Talk For Writing Hook

Main Learning Challenge Topic Question: Is everybody's home the same?



Firstly, a big welcome to the Field Mice class and their parents/carers!  


As you know your child is being taught by me, Mrs Hannaford,  and Mrs Robinson will be covering my management and PPA time.

Our class teaching assistants are Mrs Nevers and Mrs Donaldson. Mrs Lewis-Forrest is currently completing her TA training and we are very lucky to have her volunteering her time in Field Mice in the afternoons.


We are all looking forward to getting to know your child better and helping them to settle in to school life during the coming weeks. Over the first term there will be much to learn that is new to both you and your child but we aim for a gentle transition to new routines for everyone and very much look forward to working in partnership with you.


Week 1: What a great week! We have done so much already and we are all pleased with the progress they have all made in settling in. All children start at different stages in their Learning Journey and we are currently getting to know them and settling them into their routines.

Highlights of the week: a phone made by a child using a fir cone attached to a cup, a child's building of Stone Henge, using straws to blow dice and making mathematical observations, crazy craft, Boogie Beebies and making gluten free playdough as a whole class. Messy but so much fun!!! Looking forward to next week!


End of Year Expectations