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Welcome to Foxes' Class

Year 5



Dear Parents/Carers,


We hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Easter, and that the children enjoyed their FOSS Easter eggs!


Our Topic  this term has moved away from History, and now takes a Geography focus with our new 'Climate Zones and Biomes' project, which neatly links with our Science work on 'Living things and their Habitats'. The children have already been exploring animal and plant adaptations to various Biomes around the world, and have been discovering the strange life cycle of the poison arrow tree frog. Please take a look at our rainforest tree just outside the classroom for further details!


For further details of the work to be covered this term, please find attached our Summer Term 1 curriculum letter.


Mrs Dennis and Mrs Ibison.

End of Year Expectations

Science Fair

Congratulations to Francesca B, Charlie B, Harry D, Evan F,  Jessica R and Ruby W who took part in the John of Gaunt Science Fair on Friday. The children had to design and make a piece of gym equipment to be used in space. The children worked incredibly well together and designed and made an "A.A.S.E" (Arms And Shoulders Exerciser.) Most excitingly, the children were completing against other local schools and the children from Foxes won the science day competition. Well done!  

As part of our Values for Life curriculum, we have been exploring Truthfulness. We played a quick game of Call My Bluff this morning. Do you know what a "quillon" is? Ask the children, they should be able to tell you! By the end of our collective worship, we agreed on the following ideas:

  • In real life, calling people's bluff is not a game.
  • When someone doesn't tell the truth, it makes others unhappy and friendships are broken.
  • Telling the truth means that you are a person who can be trusted.
  • Telling the truth isn't always easy but everyone agreed that it is something we should strive to do.
Foxes had a great afternoon today, practising their throwing and catching skills. They then put these skills into practise in a match. There was a very supportive atmosphere and everyone participated enthusiastically. Well done to everyone who scored a complete rounder. Some people even managed to score more than one complete rounder. And congratulations to everyone who managed to catch someone out!
Library Club

Do you like reading? Come to Library Club!

Learning Showcase 


Well done to everyone in Foxes for their tremendous Learning Showcase this afternoon. You spoke clearly and passionately about your learning and all your visitors were thrilled to hear all about your learning. 


Thank you to everyone who came along to listen to the children this afternoon. It was wonderful to see so many people.


Mrs Dennis, Mrs Ibison and Mr Tandy


Staverton 99 : Our final list

As part of World Book Day 2016, the children have compiled the following list of their favourite books. This is a wide and varied list. Our aim is to purchase all these books and place them in our growing library.  

Bath Abbey visit 


Year 5 and Year 6 visited Bath Abbey on Friday 11th March. The children took part in the Easter Experience which was an interactive workshop designed to help the children explore and reflect on the message of Easter. All the children participated fully in the different stations of the cross.  Volunteers from Bath Abbey and members of the public commented on how well behaved and polite the children were. Well done! 

World Book Day 2016

Term 4

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Term 4!

We are continuing with our Shang Dynasty project, and we will be exploring even more of this fascinating culture with the children. There is also the Staverton Science Week to look forward to, and details of this are explained more fully in the PDF letter. As always we are encouraging the children to read every day, and look forward to seeing the class move up through the reading levels and achieving their rewards.

For fuller details of this term's work, please see the attached curriculum letter.

With best wishes,


Mrs Dennis and Mrs Ibison. 

Staverton Science Week starts on Monday 14th March!

Spring Term 4 Curriculum letter

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge continues!  We now have several children on their SUPER GOLD bookmark! 

Remember, you can only get one box filled in each day, so it is important to read often!

Our Talk 4 Writing story is a traditional Chinese legend called 'The Dragon's Pearl'. 

Term 3


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back!

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.


Here in Foxes class, we are busily underway with our new Topic 'The Shang Dynasty'. There are lots of new exciting learning opportunities, with many cross-curricular links, for Foxes class this term.  Please see our attached letter to find out more about the subject areas to be covered.


With best wishes,

Mrs Dennis and Mrs Ibison.

Foxes class had a visit from professional artist Steve, who worked with all the children to produce a stunning painting of a Chinese Dragon, which now hangs in pride of place in the school entrance foyer.

The children leant so much from Steve about colour theory, paint techniques, composition  and pattern design. We were enthralled to hear about his visit to see David Hockney's Landscape Exhibiton, as we have recently been studying Hockney's work in class. It was a great experience to have gained so much insight into  an artist's working processes, and the children have been busily putting their new skills into their ongoing Art work.

Here are two photos of the Dragon in process, please come and see the finished article.

Dragon painting in process.

Water colour studies, based upon The Willow Pattern Plate.
Experimenting with shades and tones of blue.

Lion Dance!

The Magpie Bridge : our new Talk 4 Writing story
Our Talk-4-Writing story is the ancient Chinese legend of 'The Magpie Bridge', which tells of the creation of the Milky Way, and two star- crossed characters, destined only to meet once a year in the heavens on the 7th day of the 7th, upon a bridge made by magpies. Can you tell the tale from our story map? 

Friday 4th December


Well done Foxes!  We had a great day yesterday! In the morning, you wrote interesting fronted adverbials in your SPAG session and you used your problem solving skills and accurate mathematical vocabulary in Big Maths. In the afternoon, you clearly enjoyed reading the story of the screaming skull in Carrie's War and started to create some great comic strips. You also shared some interesting ideas and listened to the opinions of others in our reflection time. Thank you for all your hard work and concentration. 

Friday 4th December 2015

Anti Bullying Week 2015

Anti Bullying week.

Foxes enjoyed their work on Anti-Bullying which they completed last week. They shared their opinions and listened respectfully to the ideas of others. Some of their work can be seen on display in the library and in the corridor outside the classroom. Please pop along and have a look. 

Children in Need!

Reverend Hugh Hoskins visits Foxes

Exploring the Christmas story: What do you already know about the Christmas story?

A warm welcome to the Autumn Term in Foxes Class!

Term 1

This term’s Topic will be ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ We will be looking closely at the geography of the Ancient Egyptian Empire, and examining the evidence left behind to gain an insight into the lives of the people who lived there. In Science, we will also learn about the physical properties of materials, and carrying out scientific investigations to discover more.

In Foxes Class this year the teaching staff is as follows:

Mrs Dennis – Monday to Thursday

Mrs Ibison – Friday

Mr Tandy – Teaching Assistant


Talk 4 Writing.

We are excited to be writing our own stories, based on Aesop’s fable ‘The Mouse and the Lion’. We have carefully mapped out the story:

Can you tell the story using the map to prompt you?


We have now started the exciting process of writing our own innovated versions of the story using the framework of a ‘Meeting Tale’.

Here is a table of the features of a Meeting Tale:

Meeting Tale


Meeting Tale

Generic structure



Two Main Characters meet


Build up

Main Characters disagree and go their separate




Something happens to one Main Character


The other Main Character saves/helps them


Main Characters make friends/agree



Can you think of any other stories that fit this format?

As a class we have written our own story ‘The Dragon and the Rat’ and have worked hard to pack it full of exciting vocabulary and ‘hooks’ to capture our reader’s attention.

Egyptian Art.
As part of our Ancient Egyptians project, we have worked collaboratively to create a 'Tutankhamun' mask. Here is our 'work in progress' - the final completed version will shortly follow!

National Eye Health Week 2015

National Eye Health week

BIG maths

We have had fun this term investigating a variety of maths puzzles. We are working on two key areas this half term:

1. to explore a problem and make sense of it

2. to work systematically


Our puzzles so far this term have proved challenging but we have enjoyed investigating them!


A seasonal poem by Foxes

We investigated a variety of leaves, berries, conkers and other autumnal objects. We then read an autumn poem and identified examples of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification and alliteration). We also used dictionaries to understand unfamiliar words. We then did some shared writing, using thesauruses. This is our composition. We hope you like it.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out at the cake sale today. We raised £138.18


Well done Foxes!

What have you noticed in Big Maths today?

Well done Foxes for an interesting and enjoyable Learning Showcase today. You spoke clearly and enthusiastically about your learning. It was a pleasure to see so many parents and also to welcome them back to the classroom.