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Welcome to Foxes' Class

Year 4 and 5




Well done to everyone on all the hard work that has been put into writing and producing our films. What a great day at the Oscars!

Last term, famous rugby player, Tom Dunn came to visit Foxes class.

We had a fantastic afternoon and the children asked some great, thought provoking questions! 

In fact, it was noted how brilliant class Foxes are smiley


We learnt all about the player's fitness routine, the food that they eat and what it's like to play for Bath Rugby. We even had multiple volunteers when Tom suggested that the children try eating 6000 calories a day!! 


This visit ties in perfectly with our next school trip, on Monday 5th June. Foxes will get a hands on experience of what it's really like to train and be part of a world famous team.


What did you notice in BIG maths today?

Staverton school choir made it through to the finals of Wiltshire Choir of the Year. The children performed last night. Unfortunately they didn't win but they were FABULOUS! Well done to everyone in Foxes who performed last night. We are all incredibly proud of your achievement.

Feel the force: Our science investigations continued today when we investigated the effect of air resistance.

Beliefs and moral values : Today we started our investigation into the question "Do beliefs in Karma, Samsara and Moksha help Hindus lead good lives?" Did you know the game snakes and ladders was originally a Hindu game based on good and bad karma?

BIG maths: We enjoyed our BIG maths investigation today. Using the digit cards 1 - 9, can you arrange the cards into 3 piles so that each pile totals 15? Is there more than one solution to this question? How many solutions are there?

Term Five

This term we will be answering the topic question, 'Why is Bath such a cool place to visit?' 

Image result for bath city sign

This will be a Geography based topic and focuses on the beautiful city that's right on our doorstep! 


Red Nose Day 2017

Thank you to everyone who dressed up in red on Red Nose Day. You all looked amazing and you helped to raise £231 for this important charity. Thank you. 

Hockey: Foxes have been working hard to improve their hockey skills.

RE: Foxes are investigating the question "Why do Christians call Good Friday "good" Friday?

I just wanted to say a massive well done and a big thank you to all the children and parents in Foxes Class. The Harry Potter trip was a HUGE success smiley


Foxes Class were super! They were so excited, so polite and so grateful. 

Thank you for being the best! 


See you Monday. 


Harry Potter Trip

Welcome back Foxes, I hope you had a lovely half term. 

You worked so so hard during Term 3, I am looking forward to seeing all of the fantastic work you are going to produce during Term 4. 

We also have a super exciting trip ahead of us... it's nearly time for HARRY POTTER!


This term we are going to be continuing with our Topic question - 'Why Should the Rainforest be Important to us all?'

We also have a new Terrific Scientific experiment to be completing so I will tell you all about that, next week. 


Please keep checking back to see what we are up too. I think Fynn and Amelia's video on Growth Mindset is a 'must watch' for all! 



This term's topic is all about The Rainforest!

We will be answering the question...

'Why should The Rainforest be important to us all?




Science: How can you turn a bucket of water upside down without getting wet?

Science: Exploring force metres

Big Maths : investigating number puzzles

Terrific Scientific - Investigation One

Foxes had their tongues out ready for a taste-tastic experiment!


We tested to see whether we were Non-Tasters, Tasters or Super Tasters. We used blue food colouring to dye our taste buds and we used a magnifying glass to count the little pink bumps on our tongue. We had great fun and next week we will be taking part in a Live, nationwide lesson, where we will be able to share our results! Stay tuned for experiment number two!


Growth Mindset

Still image for this video
We also had a go at role playing how growth mindset and fixed mindset may look... here's an example!

In Foxes we have been developing our Growth Mindset - we've been working on changing negative, fixed statements into positive, helpful ones!

We made human models of the Solar System.

BIG maths

We made bromeliads using origami. Bromeliads are flowering plants which grow in tropical climates. We then tried to answer the following question: What fraction of the original piece of paper is the triangle you have shaded in?

Follow this link to watch a video about this BIG maths puzzle:

We have been investigating our Solar System. We were curious to know the temperatures of the different planets in our Solar System. We found this diagram fascinating.

We invited Harvest Mice class to join us for a reading afternoon. We shared books together and talk about what we liked about the stories. Miss Kilbey and Miss McCombe were really pleased the success of this afternoon and will look at doing this more often.

Someone is ready for Christmas!

Science: I can describe the changes as humans develop into old age

Our science topic this half term is all about the different stages of human growth. Last week we went outside to create a human timeline. We were investigating the question "How does a human foetus (unborn baby) develop?". 

Learning showcase

Well done Foxes for a fabulous Learning Showcase. You spoke clearly and enthusiastically about all of your learning. You have achieved a tremendous amount since September. Congratulations to each and every one of you for your valuable contribution to our assembly.
Remembrance Poem by Foxes

Together we wrote this poem to celebrate Remembrance Day. We selected our vocabulary carefully to create a particular mood. Please read our poem. We hope you like it.

PE: A gentle reminder! 

Please can you make sure your child has the correct PE kit in school. This includes a change of footwear into daps or trainers. Thank you.

Autumn Term Two 

Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic half term break and you're ready for Term Two. We have a super busy term ahead! 

Foxes will be going home with a curriculum letter on the first day back and homework will also be set. Spare curriculum letters and homework can be found on this class page too. 


Key dates

We have parents evening on the 7th and 8th November. You will be able to sign up for meetings in due course. I look forward to seeing you all then. 

11th November - this will be our first learning showcase. Again, I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!



The question we will be exploring this term is 'Why should Gunpowder, Treason and Plot never be forgotten?' 




Miss Kilbey (Monday to Thursday)

Mrs Ibison (Fridays) and Miss Cafferkey as Teaching Support


We have a busy and exciting term ahead! We have already started looking at our Topic, 'Who were the Early Lawmakers?' and we have learnt our Talk for Writing text, 'The Teacher Pleaser Machine'. For more information about our learning, please have a look at our Curriculum Letter. 


On our class page you'll also be able to find copies of our homework grid and spellings. Any letters or important information will be added on here too. 


Keep popping back to check what has been added and any questions, please feel free to ask. 





Look at our fabulous science posters!

Look at our inspiring RE display. We wrote individual prayers to welcome the new day. Each individual prayer is like a sun ray, radiating out hope and happiness at the start of every new day.

Christmas card images

We designed our Christmas cards with the theme of "peace" in mind. We drew our doves in the style of Pablo Picasso and used collage to create the olive branch. We chose our favourite coloured background on which to stick our doves and olive branches. We are proud of our drawing and cutting skills! These are just a few of our wonderful designs. 

Do all animals start life as an egg?


We have been investigating this question as part of our science topic this term. We have learnt about the amazing transformation that some animals, such as frogs ad butterflies, go through. We all know that this transformation is called metamorphosis.

Can you use scientific vocabulary to explain the life cycle of a frog?

We used play doh to create 3D models of the life cycle of a frog.

Brighten UP for harvest! We had great fun today during our multi coloured day. We made a giant coloured paper chain which stretched all the way around the playground. The money we have raised will go to support people in Bolivia.