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Welcome to Gorillas

Year 2 




End of Year Expectations

Image result for amelia earhartTerm 6 

Why were Christopher Columbus, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong very brave people?


As part of our Great Explorers topic, we will have a focus on History and will learn about Amelia Earhart, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and their adventures and discoveries. The children will learn to ask questions and develop their understanding of significant individuals and historical events. Linked to our Great Explorer topic and the Geography curriculum, the children will learn compass directions (North, South, East and West) and use locational and directional language. They will describe the location of features and routes on a map.

Printing: week 5. We completed the first layer of our mono prints. Have a look at our results.

Printing, week 4: We used polystyrene foam to create tiles for our mono printing. We will complete the printing process next week when we try to recreate the front cover of the book, leaf. We are reading this book in Literacy at the moment.

Printing, week4: We used poster paints to colour our string blocks. We then printed butterflies onto our green background. It now looks like our butterflies are exploring the Amazon rainforest. What do you think?

Printing, week 2: We used string and pva glue to make our own printing blocks. We are looking forward to using these to print onto our vegetable print backgrounds. Can you guess which environment our printing will represent?

Printing: We started our art project this half term by doing some vegetable printing. Have a look at our results. Can you guess which vegetables we used?

Term 5

What is the best material for a superheroes' cape?

Image result for superhero clipartThis term, Gorillas will be answering the question 'What is the best material for a superheroes' cape?'.

Will the material survive freezing temperatures? Will the material survive blasting into space? Gorillas will be finding out. 

Nearly finished


More WOW writing!

Amazing writing

Super bar charts

For Poetry Week we performed 'If I was a Superhero'

Still image for this video

We are amazing at time!

We are enjoying reading our new book in Guided Reading

We love our Football lessons with Mr Philips

Image result for plants growingTerm 4


During Term 4, Gorillas will be answering the question 'How can we grow our own salad?'. ’We will be finding out how plants need water, light and suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. 

We have some special visitors arriving in March.


Please continue to play Times Table Rockstars at home. It really is making a difference.Image result for times table rockstars

Look at our amazing work!

We loved looking after the chicks

Science Week

One of our activities in Science week was our water rocket. We went out onto the playground and used water and air to launch the rocket into the air. The result was amazing- it shot about 20m into the sky. It was very exciting to watch.

Maths investigations: We used art straws and masking tape to investigate and solve a tricky maths problems relating to 3D shapes. Do you know which 3 D shape has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices? We do!

The chicks are getting bigger everyday. If you look carefully you can see some feathers


Still image for this video

Hatching Chicks

Still image for this video

Look at our new arrivals

Visit from Kate the Poet

Writing our own poems with Kate the Poet

Visit to Trowbridge Library

Image result for dinosaursTerm 3

     Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?


Gorillas' will become dinosaur experts! We will be answering the question 'Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet? We will consider the diet and habitat of dinosaurs. We will have some special visitors coming into school on Wednesday 10th January. 



Impressive pieces of homework

Amazing Art

We love Times Table Rockstars

Watch out Stegosaurus about!

Still image for this video
We are using T4W to help us learn how to catch a Stegosaurus. We are using the video clip as inspiration.

Image result for ss great britain


Term 2

Is I.K. Brunel still Great in Britain?Image result for Brunel



Gorillas will launch their new learning challenge questions with a visit to the SS Great Britain in Bristol. The children will travel back in time to Victorian Britain and experience the launch of the SS Great Britain. During our topic we will be finding out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and we will learn all about his engineering projects.



Please check out our class blog. We have started blogging about different things 

Chance to Shine Cricket

Still image for this video

For the Birds Anti- Bullying Week


Still image for this video

We love reading in the library

Trip to SS Great Britain

On Thursday 2nd November Gorillas went to visit the SS Great Britain.The trip enabled the children to see the ship set up as it would have been on a voyage to Australia in the 19th Century. They also enjoy a workshop entitled “Brunel, our engineering hero”.  In the school room we enjoyed our workshop where the children loved “making” the ship using real tools. Once the ship was ready for the launch, the children were able to dress up in Victorian clothing. It was very exciting! We had Victorian children, the crew, the engineers (including Brunel in his tall hat!), gentlemen and ladies. Once we had grabbed our flags we went outside to the 'launch'. The children cheered and waved their flags as the champagne broke onto the ship.


It was then time to explore the ship. We all loved exploring the different decks of the ship from the first class saloon where passengers could enjoy tea to the steerage compartments where third class passengers had quite a hard time on their long journey. We also visited the kitchens, the bakery, the deck and saw where the horses and animals were kept. 


It was an exciting trip and the children learnt so much from the real smells of the ship to the facts about how it was built. 

Term 1

This term, Gorillas will be answering the question 'Would you rather go on safari in the UK or Africa?' We will also be finding out 'Why are there large wild animals like the gorilla in danger of extinction today?'

Some of our amazing work

Gorillas have been set the challenge to post a Pringle crisp to school so that it arrives in one piece, with no crumbs! We have had the opportunity to design something to protect the pringle using objects in school. The real challenge involves us only using paper and card. We will need to investigate how to stiffen and strengthen card so that it forms a safe package for our Pringle. We will also need to think about how we can stop the Pringle rattling around in its packet.

Post a Pringle

Design your own National Park