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Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Year 1 and 2

Term 6

     Go Wild!


This term in Kingfishers we are going to be learning about Animals. We shall be looking at different animal life cycles and considering what animals (and humans!) need to stay healthy.

We are looking forward to the arrival of some new friends!



Mrs Gurr taught us how to play the Ukulele.

We have loved looking after the chicks we don't want them to go!

We had lots of fun playing Cricket this morning

Baby Orang-utan

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We spotted a baby Arlo! We wanted to take him home with us.

Day 8 and 9. Feathers are appearing


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Busy weekend playing football, learning keyboard and reading! One cheeky chick even tried escaping! They can't wait to see you all tomorrow!

What's this?

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Friday night... Film night but the chicks were asleep by 8:15pm


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All 11 chicks are in the broody box

Bedtime for the chicks! Night...

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We are ready for a new home!

Day 4

Chick update - 2nd July 2015


When we arrived in school this morning we had 10 chicks!


Miss Parsons 

Chick update - 1st July 2015

When we left school tonight we had 7 chicks! 


Miss Parsons and Mr Mead

7 chicks and counting....

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7 chicks and counting...

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Day 3

We managed to capture the chick being born!

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Look at me!

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Trying to get out

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Our new arrival

Day 2

Day 2- The egg has cracked and is starting to move ...

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Kingfishers and Sparrows had a very special delivery today!

Day 1

Problem Solving Thursday. This week we will be using our multiplication and division skills to help us solve this problem.

We are learning the story of 'How tortoise got his shell'. We are using Talk 4 Writing to help us learn it off by heart

Camille Saint-Saëns - The Carnival Of Animals

Problem Solving Thursday. Can you solve the problem?


Can you work out the answers to our riddles?


I am dark green and light green.

I am red on the inside.

I have seeds inside.

I am very juicy.

What am I ?



I am a little bit hard to eat.

Sometimes you have to have front teeth to eat me.

I am green or red

I grow on trees.

What am I ?



I grow in the ground.

I don't have any seeds.

You can roast me.

You can make me into a cake.

What am I?




Water melon




Last week we had a live chat with Blackbeard. During the interview we found out that his real name is Fred. We used the information to help us write newspaper reports.

Animating a sprite! We had to select the correct instructions to make the Sprite move.

Blackbeard is caught on CCTV

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Blackbeard has been arrested!

Captain Jim's visit

Can you write a set of clear instructions?

Pirate Day! Blackbeard has been captured!

Finally, we have heard from Blackbeard. Rodney and Arlo are safe. Blackbeard will only return Rodney and Arlo  if we write him a letter telling him why we need them back in Kingfisher Class. We sent our letters off to Blackbeard, but we haven't heard anything! So, we have decided to set a trap to catch him!


The search begins...


Erupting volcanoes

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RE day

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Phonics Screening Check

Phonics Screening Check Practice words