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Welcome to Lions

Year 6

100 Word Challenge


Each week the children are given the opportunity to create a piece of writing, using a picture as inspiration - but it can be no more than 100 words. This week was a ship in a storm.


Ship in a Storm


Swaying, rocking, turning.

The struggling ship battles on.


Churning, raging, brewing.

The storm pouring for long.


Crying, worrying, thinking.

The crew fight again.


Quickly, rushing, desperate.

Evacuating children and women.



The waves rise high.



The loudness of cries.


Clouds turn to ashes, the fire raging above.

Lightning bolts and bright flashes, thumping the water.


Drop of blue. Splash of ice. Same as tears.

Lifeboats sailing away.


Salt bitter. Sea cold. The ship fell into a fold. 

Sinking down into the world, into the depths.





Bone to dust.

Ship must rust.


by Holly A


100 Word Challenge


Each week the children are given the opportunity to create a piece of writing, using a picture as inspiration - but it can be no more than 100 words. This week was an iceberg.




Royal baby blue, mysterious and forgotten.

Floating, trying to breath. Not to sink and be forgotten, like friends and family.


White as snow, cold as a young baby left on the floors of London.



Bits of iceberg fall into the ocean, like a child taking their first jump into the sea.


A young, frozen cub left stranded, holding on for dear life. He fell.

Skies went black. Clouds cried the rest of their tears.


The iceberg sank, like a memory. It peacefully fell like a stone, sinking to the bottom of the ocean.


Smaller. Sinking. Gone. Forgotten.


by Thomas J







Congratulations to all of the year 6 pupils for completing their SATs this week. You have all worked so hard and have done such an amazing job. We are all very proud of you. Well done.




100 Word Challenge


Each week the children are given the opportunity to create a piece of writing, using a picture as inspiration - but it can be no more than 100 words. This week was a Silverback Gorilla.




Hair of night,

reach the sky.

Heir to fight,

wish to fly.


Grasp the vine,

relish the goods.

Silver shine,

rule the troops.


Beat of thunder,

swing the trees.

When at war,

enemies at knees.


Jungle dark,

creatures roam.

Leave no mark,

as the gorillas rule.


Fearless no more,

here they come.

Home destroying monsters,

taking away the fun.


Humans they are called,

the selfish beasts.

Knocking walls,

here to feast.


Kings no more,

losing fight.

Anger roars,

no home in sight.


Plot a plan,

to take it down.

Hide in darkness,

gain back the crown.


Gorillas to power.


by Holly A




Bath Taps into Science

To end our Science Week, we visited Bath Taps into Science at Bath University. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet researchers and members of the local science and engineering community who focus on exciting and enthusing young children and families with science and engineering.


Here we were able to enjoy, and engage with science (and by science we always mean science, engineering, technology, maths, medicine and the social sciences) in a fun, engaging and hands on manner. We created and participated in many experiments and had a lot of fun along the way.

Sensational Science Week

This week was Science Week. We made balloon rockets, built our own marble run using various materials and attended a forensic science workshop. Here were we able to find the clues and solve the crime of the missing dog. It was a fabulous week with lots of imagination going into our activites.

What a great World Book Day!

We have spent some time investigating climate zones around the world. We have also learnt what we mean by climate change. We have designed posters to help raise awareness to climate change and to encourage people to change their behaviour to help our planet. Have a look at our ideas.

We wrote letters to Mr Bartlett explaining our absence from school, saying we were campaigning for Climate Justice!

We have started our literacy topic on World War poetry. This week we looked at World War 1 recruitment posters and the poem The Soldier by Rupert Brooke. Emma wrote a fabulous poem.

What amazing description about our character Tom Oakley from Goodnight Mr Tom!

Year 5/6 spellings for you!

Year 3/4 spellings for you, Year 6!

Amazing diary entry of an evacuee - part one of three - be sure to come see the rest!

During term Three, we will be learning all about World War Two!

Image result for world war 2 ks2If you have any World War 2 related books you think we'll enjoy reading and sharing please bring them in and we'll update our Purple Lion's Library! smiley 

Who were the Mayans and what have we learnt from them?

This term we will be carrying on our learning about stories, following on from the theme 'Once Upon a Time', but this time exploring Myths and Legends from way back when... 

BIG maths! Once again we challenged ourselves in our weekly maths investigation. We had to work systematically to find a solution. Look how well we worked together to share ideas.

Investigating maya pyramids: We read an extract from a travel guide and wrote down any the interesting facts. This is in preparation for our writing task which will compare and contrast Egyptian and Maya pyramids.

We had fun making a Maya pyramid out of paper. This was trickier than we expected. Resilience and cooperation were skills we needed, alongside a growth mindset.

We spent some time looking at subordinating conjunctions. We made these reminder leaflets to help us.

This fractions jigsaw puzzle proved a tricky challenge for us all but we didn't give up!

Creation art. Today we started our mixed media art in response to our RE unit of work. Our art compositions aim to represent the question Science and Religion: conflicting or complementary?

Brilliant Maths - a real pro at squared and cubed numbers!

We have a dream... currently in the process of writing our own speeches and we're really enjoying doing so!

I have a dream... a great piece of research on Martin Luther King.

We created these beautiful pieces of art from printing with celery! We were inspired by William Morris. Well done Lions.

Unhappily ever after... so worth a read! An incredible hot task full of atmosphere and suspense...

Three incredible pieces of writing - they have worked so hard to produce setting descriptions of the Beast's castle and character descriptions of the Beast himself!

A brilliant piece of Maths from a tricky maths investigation!



Please encourage your children to use Times Tables Rockstars at home - this will really help with their maths in class!



Well done - our man of the match!

A recap on life processes before we look at classifying living things! These two presented their work beautifully and went that extra mile. Well done!

Our new Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl - we are so proud of you all, well done!

A brilliant character description of Belle! Well done! :)

We've had a lovely first week back so far!

Are you ready to start the new year? smiley Our new term's topic is Once Upon a Time and I cannot wait to get started with you all! 


See you Monday,


Miss Kilbey 

Term 1 

Firstly, a big welcome to Lions Class! 


As you know your child is being taught by me, Miss Kilbey, and Mrs Ibison will be covering my PPA time. 

Our class teaching assistants are Miss Moore and Mrs Knight. 


I really look forward to welcoming your child into Year 6, their final year at Staverton School is set to be a fantastic one, that's for sure. smiley