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Staverton C.E. Primary School

School Lane, Staverton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire,

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Class Teacher - Miss Keen

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Clark and Mrs Knight

PPA Teacher - Mrs Ibison (Thursday afternoons)


Term 1 - Welcome Back!


I hope you have really enjoyed your summer and you are excited for your final year in Lions class.


We have a fantastic and exciting new book to start our term - Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz.  We will be joining teenage super spy Alex Rider as he battles to uncover the secrets behind his uncle's mysterious death.


We will also be embarking on our new topic approach. This term we are focusing on Science and Geography. In science we are looking at classification and how all the living organisms on earth are grouped and sorted and in geography, we will be finding out how places are located using latitude and longitude.


Visit this page regularly for all the latest Lions class news and to see how we are getting on!





Our Mould Investigation


During our Science block this term, we investigated the conditions that mould needs to grow. As a class we decided to test light vs dark; cold vs warm; dry vs damp and finally, clean vs dirty. All but the dirty piece of bread was handled with gloves and placed into a plastic bag which was then sealed. The light variable was placed onto the window sill and the dark into a cupboard in the Lions classroom. The cold variable was placed into the fridge and the warm on top of the heater. The dry variable was sealed in the bag on its own, whereas the damp included a damp paper towel too. And finally, the clean piece of bread was sealed into the bag using gloves but the dirty piece was handled by every member of the class after our lunch break.


Over the next few weeks we watched as the mould started to develop and when it came time to discuss our findings, we found that the warm, damp and dirty pieces of bread grew lots and lots of mould but the dry, cold and clean pieces had very little, if any. The only exception to the experiment was light and dark - which seemed to make no difference at all.


Lions class concluded that to keep bread from going mouldy, we need to keep it clean, dry and cool.

Term 2

This term we will be reading 'Ned's Circus of Marvels' by Justin Fisher.  When Ned is attacked by a group of terrifying clowns, he finds out that the life he knew and even his name are a lie.  Soon he is travelling with The Circus of Marvels on a dangerous mission to rescue a young girl, find his father and save the world from certain destruction.  

Term 3



ART - Mayan Masks


We've had great fun this term looking at the Mayan culture and how they used their masks in celebrations and festivals. We discovered that they used animals (especially the jaguar) as their inspiration and used this to help us design our own masks.


Today we made them out of clay - I can't wait to see the finished products.





An exciting maths lesson today investigating patterns and ratios.