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Welcome to Lions

Year 6

Teacher: Mrs Gurr

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Clark and Mrs Knight

Hi Lovely Lions,

I'm hoping that you are all able to access the work on Google Classroom now but just in case there are still one or two problems, here is the work for Monday. I really hope you enjoy it!

Friday 15th January

You've reached the end of the week! Well done everyone! I hope you are going to enjoy today's Home Learning. Firstly, here is the 9@9 solution for Thursday:

And here is today's 9@9:
For your Guided Reading, please listen to the next 3 chapters of Skellig and answer the questions on the powerpoint that you were given on Monday.

For your English today, you are going to be writing your 'Short Burst' making sure that you include all the features that we've worked on this week. Please look at the final slide to help you and remind you of the features to include.

If you are feeling stuck, you could begin like this:

Stepping quietly out of the back door, Michael started to make his way down the garden towards the delapidated garage.

How is Michael feeling?

What is going on in his head?

Can you describe what he sees in the garden?

What does he hear?

Can you describe him entering the garage?

What is it like inside the garage?

What does Michael find inside the garage?


For your Maths today, you have an Arithmetic test. I hope you enjoy it!
For this afternoon's activity, I think you will all enjoy listening to Mr Powe's Collective Worship.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I will look forward to seeing and hearing from you next week.

Best wishes to you and you families,

Mrs Gurr


Thursday 14th January

Well done Lions! I'm sure you've all been working incredibly hard at home (and in school!) Once you are able to access Google Classroom, do send me a message or even some work if you're able to. I'd especially love to see some of your English work from this week.

Here is the 9@9 solution for yesterday. I wonder how you got on!

And here is today's 9@9!

For Guided Reading, please look at the slide for today. You are going to need to think about the first three chapters of Skellig and summarise your thoughts so far.

For English, please look at the slide for today. How did you get on with yesterday's fronted adverbials activity? Today, you are going to focus on sentences with relative clauses which relate to our book Skellig. There are a couple of examples to help you. If you're feeling stuck, you could begin by modifying (changing slightly) the two examples I've provided.

I hope you're enjoying our new Maths topic on Decimals. The videos are really helpful I think. Below are the answers for Wednesday's Maths and the Maths for today.
For your afternoon activity, I thought you might enjoy creating a South American dreamcatcher. I'd love to see some photos of your creations!

Wednesday 13th January

Good Morning Lions! I hope you're all getting on well with the Home Learning. Please let me know if you're having any issues. 

Here are the answers to yesterday's 9@9:

And here is today's 9@9!
For today's Guided Reading, please listen to the first 3 chapters of Skellig and answer the questions. It is such an exciting book. We really hope you are going to like it as much as we do!
For today's English, you are going to have a go at writing some fronted adverbials which relate to the start of Skellig. They are going to be useful to you when you come to write your Short Burst at the end of the week. Please look at today's slide on the English powerpoint.
Here is Wednesday's Maths focusing on 3 decimal places. I recommend watching the Wednesday video first. It explains everything very clearly.
For your afternoon activity, I would like you to continue with the topic looking at South America.

Tuesday 12th January

Hello again! How did you get on with yesterday's work? I hope you enjoyed the 9@9. The answers are below and here's another 9@9 to start off your Tuesday!

For your Guided Reading today, please look at the slide for Tuesday. You have an extract from the start of the book and some questions to answer. I want you to use your imagination and write down your thoughts about what the book might be about. Miss Jefferys and I have been busy filming ourselves reading 'Skellig' so tomorrow you will be able to listen to the first three chapters. We really hope you will enjoy that!

For English, I am wanting you to complete the task where you're thinking about creating 'Show me, don't tell me' sentences. There are some photos to help you get your creative juices flowing. Do please email into the school some of your English work from yesterday (Monday). Did you manage to create some suspense in your writing by using short, dramatic sentences?

I will type them up and put them on this page!

For Maths, I want you to continue looking at Decimals. I'm hoping that you were able to complete the sheets for yesterday. The answer sheet is below so you can mark your own work. Did anyone manage to complete the volcanic challenges?
For your afternoon activity, you have a choice! You can complete a Joe Wicks workout, learn an Adele song or create a portrait!

Monday 11th January 2021


Hello Lions,

How are you all doing? Some of you have been coming into school and that has been so nice! For those of you I haven't seen this term, I hope you are well and I send you all my best wishes. I am of course missing you very much but looking forward to seeing you in the not too distant future! In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy learning at home. As far as possible, we have tried to ensure that the work you will be doing at home is the same work you would be doing in school. Here is a handy timetable which might help you to structure your day:


Here are 9 questions covering a variety of subjects for you to do at 9 o'clock. These are sure to wake your brain up! Hope you enjoy them. Answers will be provided tomorrow...

Here is your Guided Reading for the week. We are going to be reading and exploring the wonderful book 'Skellig' by David Almond. Monday's slides involve looking at different front covers that have been used for the book and there is also an activity all about vocabulary.

This is your learning for English for the whole week. On Monday you are going to be listening to and following a reading of The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. Your task is to create suspense in your writing by using a series of short sentences

Here is the learning for Monday's Maths. We are starting a new topic looking at DECIMALS. You have a video, a powerpoint, some sheets to complete and a volcanic challenge. Answers will be provided tomorrow.
Geography- Your afternoon activity is to continue the work we began before Christmas looking at South America and making comparions with the UK. I'm sure you will find this really interesting!
Here is a little end of the day treat!

Hello Lions!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. Happy New Year!

I'm really sorry not to be seeing you all today. I hope though that you are all ok and will enjoy the Home Learning activities below. Next week we will hopefully be able to be a little more interactive as we are sorting out something called Google Classroom. This will enable us all to upload work and also comment and give feedback. I'm looking forward to that as it means we can keep in regular contact in a really fun way.

Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Gurr and Mrs Clark

End of Term 2! I hope you all have a relaxing Christmas break. Thank you so much for my gifts. I am so grateful. 
With best wishes, Jo Gurr
Term 2 Week 7- Someone in our class proved to be a brilliant dance teacher!


Still image for this video
Here are some more examples of some beautifully organised and presented non-chronological reports. Having completed a report on how Christmas is celebrated around the world and another on Christmas plants, the children enjoyed being able to research a topic of their own choosing. Subjects ranged from Harry Potter to Farm Animals to Play Stations!

The wonderful Lions have managed to earn, as a class, 50 lion tokens since September and today (Thursday 17th December) they received their reward for all their hard work and exemplary behaviour.

They had a morning of Christmas crafts, hot chocolate and a firepit! We all had a lovely time!

Here we are toasting marshmallows!
Term 2 Week 6- We have had a very busy few weeks! Here we are practising our Bollywood dancing...
The children have created some wonderful non-chronological reports on the subject of 'Christmas around the World.' They have been researching customs and traditions and each chose four countries to look at and explore.
For homework, the children were set the challenge of creating and classifying a new animal. We had a lovely afternoon hearing about the strange creatures the children had created!

Term 2 Week 2- The children have worked incredibly hard this week. I was especially impressed by a group who managed to solve these two rather challenging problems which related to our Maths topic. I wondered whether they might provide a bit of weekend family fun!


On the subject of Maths, we are putting a great deal of effort into our tables knowledge. It would be great if the children could be tested on their tables at home using the booklet I sent home in September. 

On Wednesday we held a Remembrance Service in our classroom. We also looked at the poem 'In Flanders Field' and reflected on the line which describes the lark continuing to sing high in the sky above the battlefield. We had a very stilling five minutes on Friday afternoon when we watched a performance of a beautiful piece of music called 'The Lark Ascending' by the English composer Vaughn Williams. 

Below are some photos of the children completing their topic essays on the work of Andy Goldsworthy. 

Well done Lions. Another great week with everyone working hard and making plenty of progress!

Term 2, Week 1- We have had a short week but a very productive one! We had an especially lovely afternoon creating sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. 



Dear Lions,


We are sorry that your half term wasn't as you may have planned it but we hope you still had a fabulous time, spending quality time with those around you, catching up on sleep and are now ready to start Term 2! Please find below the English and Maths work for the next two days:

English - For English, our focus this term is Myths and Legends. To start this off, we would like you to familiarise yourself with the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. Please have a look through the power point of activities and complete a range of activities over the two days. 

Maths - For Maths, there is a set of reasoning and problem-solving questions based on areas of Maths we have already covered this year during Term 1 (Monday: Place Value and Tuesday: Four Operations). Please complete the questions independently and then use the mark scheme to mark your work. For the questions you have got incorrect, please re-work through them to spot your error. There are lots of resources on BBC bitesize and White Rose Maths that will hopefully be able to help you. 


We hope you have a good two days back to Term 2, albeit slightly different to normal. The Year 6 bubble staff team are all really looking forward to seeing you on all Wednesday.


With best wishes,


 Mrs Gurr 


Term 1 Week 7- I am so proud of the wonderful Lions. Here they are with their extremely impressive homework projects.
The children spent part of Friday afternoon playing the Top Trumps games they had made. I was so impressed by the detailed research that had gone into the creation of the cards. What a lot of hard work!
These children were proud of their Arithmetic scores today. Several children are not too far off getting full marks!
Term 1 Week 5- The children produced some stunning homework projects! Well done everyone!
Term 1 Week 3- This week we have been learning to write explanation texts. These children were especially proud of their achievements!
The children have been working hard on their Maths work getting to grips with our topic Place Value. We have been working with numbers up to 10 million!
We drew some fabulous Mayan masks.
Term 1 Week 2- We have had a great first full week back. Here are the Lions enjoying a Maths Investigation with Mrs Ibison and some time outside playing team games.

Welcome back everyone to what I hope will be a wonderful final year for you all at Staverton School. We have so much to look forward to and I know that you will all be returning to school eager to see your friends again and to get going with your learning! Here are some pictures of your new classroom so that you know what to expect! I am looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday 3rd September. I will update this page with photos and information weekly so that your family can see what you have been getting up to in school.

See you soon!

Mrs Gurr