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Welcome to Lions

Year 6


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Here is our Song that we created with Rocktopus! 



This week we took our Maths outside! We're completing a mystery problem solving challenge - we're nearly there!

A few from outdoor learning week - Lions really enjoyed this week!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the children in Lions Class, to Miss Swann and to Mrs Knight for such an enjoyable time away in the Isle of Wight.


Lions, you have made me extremely proud. You absolutely rocked that residential and made me laugh so much, every day! Every single one of you pushed yourself to a new limit, during the week, and for that you should be over the moon. 


If only we could do it all over again! :) 




Just a few from the residential... more to come!

Tuesday evening...

Such a fun day body boarding with group one - we've also been mask making, we've completed Jacob's ladder, an obstacle course and volleyball! 

Off on a Culver Walk tonight after dinner!Off to breakfast - all okay!


Tuesday morning...


All slept well.

One group are off for a morning of body boarding whilst the others complete team activities on site.

Year 6 Residential

End of Year Expectations

Lions you are the best! smiley Well done for being so resilient, calm and determined throughout the entirety of this week. You have made me so incredibly proud!  


Two fantastic pieces of writing focused around The Lion King. Brilliant description boys, well done!

TERM FIVE - Our Topic 

This term we will be exploring why Africa is wild! This fits in perfectly with our end of year production: The Lion King. 

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A fantastic Non Chronological report on an artist! Well done!

An artistic masterpiece... in English! What a creative way to produce a Non Chronological report - well done



Learn your spellings... learn the patterns, you know they'll come up! 


Use these websites to revise Maths from, you might find them helpful. You will need to practise your reasoning and arithmetic skills:


Alongside Maths you will need to practise your comprehension and SPAG. The best way to do this is to look through your revision guide and read a good book! smiley

Use Read Theory for comprehension! 


And... most importantly, enjoy the Easter break. You have all done fantastically well this term! Revise, relax and I'll see you in two weeks time!  





You managed to find the areas of parallelograms - well done!

A brilliant Non Chronological report! It's only her Cold Task too!

Ruby -  Emily's Magical Adventure

500 Word Competition Entry

"Well done Ruby, you were really inspired you pull together an entry for this competition! Well done for challenging yourself to write creatively! :) Great work!" Miss Kilbey.


Walking home, Emily was admiring the lovely sunny weather. While walking along the graveled path, out of the corner of her eye, Emily caught sight of a hint of a mysterious light coming from a freshly cut bush. At first, Emily was quite cautious of this until the white light grew larger and she could see it more clearly. Finally, the light drew her in through the bush and her eyes were met with the most glorious of things.

It was pearl white snow surrounded by trees in white blankets. Birds singing from high peaks. The wooden giants stand proud in the sunlight. At the end of the narrow path of beauty stood a elegant deer, with impressive stick like antlers. His thick coat shook in the gentle breeze as he stood firmly on the crisp snow beneath him. Emily took one step towards the magnificent creature. Surprisingly, she was face to face with the deer and neither of them appeared to be frightened. 

"Don't be scared, I'm not going to hurt you," Emily gently said whilst putting her hand delicately on his back. "Don't worry I'm not scared," replied the deer, "we have been waiting for you, Emily." Emily was astonished at the talking deer, "me? Why me?" asked Emily, "because you are the toy whisperer." Emily was dumbstruck. She didn't know what to think of it. It's not everyday that you see a talking deer in an enchanted forest, you know.

Once the deer had finished explaining to Emily where she was, the deer (now Emily knows as Derrick) told her that she had to come with him to see all the other toys. Emily had just remembered that she had to do a project for school to show the whole class in two days! At that point Emily she was in deep panic until Derrick calmed her down and said, "You have to come! The toys are in great danger!" So after a long thought, Emily decided to follow Derrick the deer and head of into the forest leaving the magical doorway behind. 

CRUNCH! They finally arrived. It was a wooden cabin with bright lights beaming out of the glass window "WOW" Emily said, amazed at what was right in front of her very eyes. "I know, it's beautiful isn't it?" Derrick said wiping his snow covered hooves on the welcome mat. EEEK! The door squeaked open for Emily to find toys asleep and toy nurses with disgusting medicine and horrifying injections. "Oh no!" Emily gasped. "Yes, this is why we need your help to fix them!" 

Emily had no time to hesitate so she grabbed a random toy box and started clicking clogs and repairing rag dolls. 

Once all was done and all was well, Emily said, "now, lets go play!"


Remember to keep collecting your library stamps, Lions! The library have plenty spare if you lose yours and every little stamp may help us win that competition! smiley


importance of reading quotes


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A HUGE thank you to Lions, Elephants and Rhinos for making the trip to The Lion King such a fantastic one! I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did and I cannot wait to get started on creating our very own version. 

Who are you going to audition to be? Auditions will be the first week back, after the Easter break! smiley 


Can you help us? :) 


Dear Parent/ Carers,


As you are probably already aware, in the summer, Year 5 and 6 will be performing Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ which we are all very excited about!

To ensure this is the biggest and best show Staverton has ever put on, we are looking to set up a parent support group for prop making, scenery preparation, face painting etc.  We need a wide range of support and expertise!

Ideally, we would have a couple of parents who would take a lead role in this to help us collect things we may need e.g. cardboard and sorting timings for parents to make and design props and scenery. We are aware that once spring arrives, time will fly away with us and we need to start thinking about this soon.

If you would be willing to help with this, please can you let Tanya Andrews (FOSS) know by March 3rd. We will need to start generating ideas later this term.

Many thanks,


Miss Kilbey and Mr Mead

Holly - Escaping the Darkness

BBC 500 word competition entry


"Well done Holly for such an emotive, original entry! I know this piece of writing is something that you are extremely proud of and we all are too! I can't wait for others to have an opportunity to read your writing," Miss Kilbey. 


My name is Anxiety and I live inside of everyone. I am an invisible ball of darkness which everyone feels at some point in their life, whether it's for a short period of time or more. I travel through the world, finding people who I want to make scared or anxious. I could be in India one second and then Germany the next; I can be anywhere, anytime. You can never catch me or locate me. I am only in your vivid imagination... or I could be right in-front of your face, waiting to make you my victim without you knowing I exist.

With every person I make scared or anxious, I grow larger. I could grow larger than a double decker bus and you still wouldn't be able to see me or make me smaller. Sometime in November, I found a girl who was about to do an assembly. She looked absolutely happy to do it. That infuriated me! She should be scared or at least slightly discomforted, not happy! I held my rage inside me but I couldn't keep it in my clutches. I let is loose. I watched as all the happiness and confidence drained from her eyes, flooding out onto the floor. I watched her turn bright red like blood, her eyes lighting up with fear, the flame of confidence that danced in her emerald eyes dying out like the emotions it fed on had been destroyed. My happiness had returned. Seeing that girl afraid, well, it's just my high point. I feed on her once alive confidence. At that point I felt myself grow - larger, stronger.

Another time in December I saw another girl, this time one who was going somewhere on a train and seemed okay about it. She wasn't the happiest about it but I still wasn't happy. She should be really scared not just okay about it. I once again let my rage loose on her and watched in joy as she ever so slightly backed away from everyone. She didn't want to go. Yes! But it still wasn't enough. She should be crying, shouting perhaps But no, she didn't become as scared as she should do. I made my anger make her more scared, making her refuse to go.

Ever since then, the girl and her Mum have been going somewhere...
Apparently, the anxiety she feels - me - is a chimp. A CHIMP! I'm a ball of black darkness! Ever since she began talking to this lady, I have felt a tingling feeling in my stomach which I have never felt before. I felt like I was... shrinking? I have never felt that, ever. I have never shrunk before, I grow. She was controlling me. Telling me that I can't make her scared or anxious. She can tell me I am nothing that can't be controlled. She had overcome me... locked me away... somewhere I can't effect her. 

Has she beaten me?

I am nothing.

Olivia - My Adventure

BBC 500 word competition entry 


"Well done Liv for such a creative entry! It's so good to see you using such brilliant vocabulary! I am so impressed with how hard you are trying with your writing and I think this is a fantastic submission for the competition," Miss Kilbey. 


It was a long car journey.Warm days and packed cars don't go well together. Here I am in Brighton living my dreams. We get out of the car, down at the shore. I stand on the wet pebbles and stare out to sea and wait until the waves, crashing in and out, coax my heart beat back to normal.
We arrived at our new house and it looked so much different to our house back in London. We all got to see our rooms and I couldn't help but notice a dark mahogany-brown door. The door shook when it opened and I stepped through. The snow glowed bright under the gaps in the trees where the sun gave its mesmerising glow. The frost covered every leaf that had fallen and created a cascade of autumnal colours. When I got to the end of the frosty path I couldn't see any further. There was a large luminous fog cloud. When the fog cleared, that's when the magic happened. 
There were deer surrounding the icy lake and the cutest animals in the world: there were little black bunnies wearing fiery red waist-coats and one of them had a pocket watch. It was round and golden and I couldn't help but notice what the time was and i wondered whether Mum and Dad would know where I was.
I thought to myself: this is odd, maybe I should leave? I turned back and before me stood a small lustrous, white baby unicorn; its father was a unicorn that was floating on a creamy leaf that had fallen from above. It trotted up to me and looked into my eyes, its deep ultramarine eyes took in my comforting gaze. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed another door, just like the other one but this time hidden in a tree. The great white unicorn opened it and gestured me to come. The room was gorgeous, it has blue snowflake flights scattered around the walls, with a silver sheet and a blanket on a bed. 

Looking out of the window in the room, I could see the first door I came through. I jumped on the bed and suddenly a rush of intense emotions carried through my veins. After a while a looking around I decided to calm down and go for a walk before going to sleep. The weather was warmer than it was a minute ago. The sun was shining brighter than ever. The breeze was freezing though so I chose not to go out, I found some pyjamas on a grey chair hidden behind the door. I put them on and they fitted me, surprisingly. I bounced on the bed and as it was getting late I thought that it would be a good idea for me to doze off. 

I woke up to find all of the animals crowded round me, I think they thought I was dead. 


BANG! Suddenly, bombs started falling like pennies from a jar.



Term Four

This term we are going to be continuing our study of The Aztecs and discovering the wonders surrounding them, including their way of life and settlement in Mexico.


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Very exciting news... this term is our trip to The Lion King! We already have a count down in class :)


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We went to Trowbridge Library! We had a fab time - here are a few snaps from our trip :)

Image result for aztecsTerm 3


This term we are going to be studying The Aztecs and discovering the wonders surrounding them, including their ways of life and settlement in Mexico. It is going to be a very exciting term!

Image result for wonder preceptsLions have really enjoyed making their own posters and precepts in class, just like they do in the book Wonder!

Here is the link, for you to use at home!


Will you be this year's winner?


Lions Class, here is the link you may want to explore for your chance to enter the 500 word story competition with the BBC. I look forward to reading you entries! Best of luck, Lions! 

Our focus tImage result for wonderext in English this term is 'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio. We will be looking in-depth at the text within guided reading and then using the story structure and specific extracts to extend our own learning and apply this in our writing.

Here is a link to the 'Wonder' film trailer which is currently in cinemas.


Here is a link to 'First News' which gives you some more information about the film.

Term 2Image result

This term our topic question will be a continuation of 'How Terrible were the Tudors?

Last term we finished off our topic with a Tudor themed day. This term we will be completing a filming project based on Henry VIII. 


Well done Lions and Elephants for putting on such a great show! You sounded fantastic. We are so proud of all that you have achieved during Term Two. What a way to end the term! smiley



We have been using the following links to play some maths games, in class! Why not have a go and practice at home? smiley     = co-ordinates game    = fractions game     = translation/ rotation game 



Term 1

This term our topic question will be 'How Terrible were the Tudors?

We started off our topic with an exciting and interesting reenactment of The Battle of Bosworth.



Alice in Wonderland

Across Term One Lions have been studying the fantastic text, Alice in Wonderland. We have explored Alice's journey, we have re-created our own versions and we have had brilliant fun in doing so! I have been so proud of the children's writing, it has been great to watch them flourish with such a challenging text.


Over the last week, we have moved into looking at Instructional Writing. We have specifically been looking at How to make the perfect jam tarts for the Queen of Hearts. 


To celebrate an awesome first term, full of hard work, determination and success, I decided to hold an Alice in Wonderland themed day. We all dressed up, took part in Wonderland themed activities and, of course, baked jam tarts!


Thank you to all the parents who came to share in the fun with us - we hope you enjoyed the tarts and, most importantly, enjoyed our writing!