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Welcome to Otters' Class

Year 4

End of Year Expectations

Term 6

Welcome to the final term of the school year and what a busy term it is going to be! Our topic this term is Vicious Vikings, where we can look forward to a visit from a real-life Viking! Another exciting event this term is our residential trip to Croft Farm! Watch this space to see what an incredible time we are having in Otters Class this term.

Have a look at what we got up to last week at Croft Farm! Watch this space for more pictures from our trip!


Staverton 99: Our final list

As part of World Book Day 2016, the children have compiled the following list of their favourite books. This is a wide and varied list. Our aim is to purchase all these books and place them in our growing library.  

Term 4


Welcome back, I hope you had a wonderful break and are looking forward to the term ahead! This term, our topic is 'Water, water, everywhere...'. This will give the children the opportunity to investigate water use and conservation around the school, water availability in the developing world, as well as how water is treated and rivers around the world. It will also link brilliantly with learning about solids, liquids, gases and the water cycle in science. Over the term, the children will work in terms to build their own, working, water wheels. This term may be short but it will certainly be an exciting one! Watch this space for some of the fantastic learning going on in Otters Class.

Our Talk For Writing story, 'Staying Out'

Staverton Science Week starts on Monday 14th March!

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge continues!  We now have several children on their SUPER GOLD bookmark! 

Remember, you can only get one box filled in each day, so it is important to read often!

Welcome to Term 3


Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. 2016 in Otters Class is set to be a very exciting year indeed! This term, our topic is 'The Romans'. The children will explore: life in these times, including traditions in food, leisure, religion and art; the Roman Empire; important Roman figures including Julius Caesar and Boudicca; and the impact of Romans on Britain today.


Keep an eye on this page for a peek at the amazing things that Otters class are achieving this term.


Please take a moment to follow the link to our latest Curriculum letter to see what else we will be learning this term.

Getting stuck into our new Science Topic: Rocks and Soils.

A Victorian Christmas: we researched traditional games played on Christmas Day and decided on this one to try for ourselves.

Curriculum Letter Term 2

Welcome to Term 2


Welcome to the second term of Year 4! This term our topic is 'What the Dickens?!'. This will give children the opportunity to explore life as a child in the Victorian times through the life and works of Charles Dickens. We will also use his brilliantly engaging characters to help our own character description in our story-writing unit in Literacy.


Below you will find the curriculum letter for this term and the story-map for our latest Talk for Writing fiction unit, The King of the Birds.


Watch this space for more updates on the hard work Otters class are doing!

Using drama to explore the threats to the world's rainforests.

Using the laptops to research the Amazon Rainforest

Little Red Riding Hood Story Map

Hello and welcome to Otters Class 2015!


This term we are exploring the topic of Rainforests. We will be learning about where in the world they are, what interesting creatures and plants live in the four layers, the lifestyles of the tribes that call the rainforest their home and the various threats to the world's rainforests.