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Monday 13th July- Hello Everyone! This week's theme is SPACE. I am attaching the weekly programme of work which will be covered by year 3 and 4 children in school. I am also attaching a unit of work on ALIENS which I thought the children might enjoy. It has plenty of varied activities and is aimed at Year 4 children. I thought it might be something that the children might like to continue next week and into the holiday. There are other similar units of work on other topics which I would be happy to send. Please let me know.

The Maths topic being covered in the plan for this week is Shape. The children in Otters would definitely benefit from focusing on Shape but I am also attaching the first part of a Statistics unit which involves the children looking at graphs and tables. It is a topic that we would have been covering in the Summer Term.

As always, please let me know if you would like me to send you any alternative resources.


Thinking of you all and sending best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Monday 6th July This week's theme is MUSIC. I have attached the plan which is what will be covered by the children in Seahorses and Otters in school.

I am also attaching a link to Peter and the Wolf which is a wonderful story. The children can watch a YouTube film in which the story is narrated and an orchestra depicts the various animals and characters in the story. There is also a powerpoint which tells the story and a worksheet in which the children need to link up the instrument with the character. Having watched the film and read the story on the powerpoint, I thought the children might like to retell the story in their own words. They could even provide their own illustrations!

For Maths, I am attaching some work on an aspect of the topic Decimals.

I will be responding to all the wonderful emails of work on Monday evening. Thank you so much for sending so much amazing learning. I love looking at it all and you are doing a fab job!

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Monday 29th June- This week's topic is 'Around the World.' I am attaching the week's work which is for both Seahorses and Otters. I am also attaching a powerpoint and activity booklet which I'm hoping the children might enjoy doing. It is all about a cyclist called Mark Beaumont who set himself the challenge of cycling around the world in 80 days. 

I am attaching the remaining part of the Time topic which focuses on the 24 hour clock. 

I hope you all have a good week and please check back on this page mid-week as I will add some more resources in case you are running out of work!

Please also let me know if there are specific areas that you would like resources for. 

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Monday 22nd continued... At school, I have been looking at Shakespeare as part of this week's topic on Famous People. We watched a BBC video (BBC Class Clips English KS2 Introducing Shakespeare) which was filmed in Stratford-upon- Avon and also The Globe Theatre in London. The children also completed a comprehension. There are 3 versions of this reading comprehension which go from one star to three stars. Three stars is the most challenging.  I am attaching  those resources together with a sheet of useful pictures as I wondered whether the Otters children might like to create a non-chronological report (a factsheet) about the life and times of William Shakespeare.

I am also attaching another unit on Time. This one is about switching between analogue and digital time. There is a powerpoint to explain the content and then both fluency and reasoning/problem solving questions.

I am happy to send decimals work to anyone who would like it!

Monday 22nd June- Attached is the home learning for this week. The topic involves looking at famous people so I hope that it proves to be interesting for the children. I am looking at Shakespeare with the Year 6 children tomorrow and will add some resources tomorrow evening which might be interesting for the Otters! I will also add another aspect of the Time topic and also some work on Decimals as a couple of parents have said that it is an area that can be challenging for the children! 

Please email me if there are particular resources that you would like me to find and send. 

Have a good week!

Jo Gurr

Tuesday 16th June- It has been worrying me that the Maths on the plan for this week is fractions which is a topic we focused on quite heavily a few weeks ago. A few parents have mentioned that they would like to focus on Time as a topic. I am therefore attaching a powerpoint and a set of differentiated worksheets on Time. I will attach more Time resources next week as it is a topic that we would have covered in Year 4 anyway. If you would like anything less or more challenging please let me know.

I am also attaching the opening chapter of a great book called The Explorer by Katherine Rundell which is set in the rainforest. It is an exciting adventure story which I recommend! You will also see below a comprehension pack on the rainforest- there are three different versions of the text and 3 different sets of questions which become more challenging. 

At school, the children in Year 6 have been enjoying drawing tree frogs and orangutans. I am adding the links so that Otters children can have a go at drawing them if they want to!

Sending you all my very best wishes,

Jo Gurr 

Monday 15th June- I hope you are all enjoying the weekly Home Learning topics. Thank you for the fabulous work you've been sending me. It's great to see how hard some of the children are working and it's so lovely to see that they are continuing to make wonderful progress even in these challenging circumstances!

These week's topic is The Rainforest which I think they will all enjoy!

Monday 8th June- I hope you all had a good week last week and enjoyed the topic. I know that the topic 'Under the Sea' is now over but I'm going to attach a step-by-step 'How to draw an angler fish' because it's something I did with the Year 6 children in school and it worked really well. I thought you might like to have a go too!

This week's Home Learning topic is Sport which I'm sure you'll all enjoy. Several of you sent me your work on Friday and I will give you feedback at the beginning of the week. Sorry that I haven't already done it because I can see how incredibly hard some of you are working! Very well done! Keep up the great work. 

Don't forget about the TT Rockstars challenge! We are winning at the moment!

Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mrs Gurr

Monday 1st June- I hope you all had a wonderful half-term holiday and enjoyed all the gorgeous sunshine. Term 6 is going to be a bit different because I am back in school 4 days a week teaching Year 6! I am obviously still wanting to maintain and support the learning for the lovely Otters so please email me if there are particular resources that you would like me to send you or if you have any questions. 

What I am attaching is the Home Learning Grid which is very similar to the grid that other year groups will be working from. Please do continue to send me work and I will look forward to providing feedback! I won't necessarily be able to do that every day as before but I will definitely be in front of my computer all day on a Wednesday as that is my day for working from home. I look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Friday 22nd May- Today's powerpoint only contains answers to yesterday's work. There is no new work. Instead I am attaching the Summer 1 SPaG paper and two Year 4 Maths  papers which the children can do today or over the course of the holiday. All of the papers come with answers so the children's work can be marked. I would love to know how they get on!

The only Maths topic which I hadn't yet covered with the children is Decimals. There are some decimals questions on both the Maths papers (Arithmetic and Reasoning) and the children can have a go but shouldn't worry if they find them a bit too challenging.


I am not providing work over the half term and indeed I am not sure whether I will be able to continue with the daily powerpoints after the holiday as I will be in school full-time teaching a different year group. (The powerpoints were my attempt to try and provide some structure to the home learning and ensure that the children  continued to cover the Year 4 curriculum.)

After the break the children will  have the weekly Home Learning sheets which I will upload to the class page each Monday morning.


I hope you all have a lovely break.

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr




Thursday 21st May-I hope you all had a lovely relaxing day yesterday!

Today's powerpoint begins with answers to Tuesdays questions on pronouns, Fluent in 5 and the Money questions.

Today there is a focus on CONJUNCTIONS (linking words) There are slides on Coordinating conjunctions and slides on Subordinating Conjunctions with lots of examples and some questions where the children need to fill the missing gap with the most suitable conjunction.

There are more Fluent in 5 slides and some Money problems to solve. I am providing the answers for those money questions so that you can mark the work straightaway. 

(I have provided another slide at the end explaining PRONOUNS because some people felt confused by them.)

Finally, if the children would like to, I am attaching a colouring sheet on the theme of Celebrations which is this week's theme. There is also a fab step- by- step painting idea that the children might like. I tried it with the children in school and they loved it.

It's not on YouTube. You just need to put Beginner Cityscape Tracie Kiernan into google. There is a video and also pictures to show the steps you need to go through.

Have a lovely day,

Jo Gurr

Wednesday 20th May- NO POWERPOINT TODAY. The weather is going to be beautiful and I think everyone needs a break. See you again on Thursday. Have a lovely day.

Tuesday 19th May- The powerpoint for today begins with answers to the work on nouns, May Day and the Fluent in Five questions. Apologies for the obscure crossword clue/answer which hadn't been provided in the text. Armies were not mentioned! I'm sorry if that clue caused stress and frustration!


I have provided what I hope might be a fun slide on collective nouns. Then there is a slide on pronouns.There is also a slide which explains the difference between personal and possessive pronouns and an attached powerpoint. The children don't need to work through all the exercises on the powerpoint. It is more for information.

The celebration for today is 'SUMMER SOLSTICE.' There is a powerpoint all about the Summer Solstice and some questions for the children to answer. 

Finally there is 'Fluent in 5' and some questions about ordering money.

Monday 18th May- I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!smiley Today's powerpoint begins with answers to the work on prepositions, the Fluent in 5 questions and the Money slides from Friday.

Today I'm moving onto another element on the SPaG paper which is NOUNS. Tomorrow we will look at PRONOUNS. There is an attached powerpoint which the children can go through first. I have created as well, a slide which explains the 4 different kinds of noun (proper, common, collective and abstract.) There are then some questions where the children need to select different kinds of noun etc.


Because the theme for this week is CELEBRATIONS, I have decided to focus on a different celebration each day starting with MAY DAY. There is a powerpoint for the children to look at and then there are some questions, a crossword and a wordsearch all linked to the information about May Day. 


There are two more Fluent in 5 slides and then there is a powerpoint about ORDERING MONEY which I thought the children could go through. The answers are provided within the powerpoint so it is a nice gentle introduction to this next part of the Money topic.


Please keep sending me your work. I will try and get back to you as soon as I can. If I ever don't get back to you until the following day it is only because I've been in school and I run out of time. Please let me know if there is anything different or additional that you would like me to send to you. I'll do what I can to help!

There are some people that I haven't heard from in a little while so I will try and phone you on Tuesday when I'm in school just to check that everything is ok.


Best wishes,

Jo Gurr



Friday 15th May- As we come to the end of the sixth (is it the sixth?) week of home learning the first thing I want to say is a huge WELL DONE to you all. Many of you are sending me work every day and that is wonderful. Others are sending me work at the end of the week or fortnight which is also absolutely great. I am so pleased to be in contact with you and I LOVE looking at your work and seeing your progress. Keep it up. You are doing so well! smiley

Today starts, as always, with answers to yesterday's work and then there are some more short exercises on prepositions.

After that is a short piece to read called 'The Human Dustbin' followed by 4 multiple choice questions.

Then there are two extracts from 'George's Marvellous Medicine' followed by the opportunity for the children to  create their own 'recipe' using alliteration and descriptive words.

There are two more Fluent in 5 slides and 2 slides on Money.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr


Thursday 14th May- Today's powerpoint begins with the answers to yesterday's Fluent in 5 arithmetic questions. 

The next aspect of the Year 4 SPaG paper that I'm focusing on is Prepositions. A preposition is a word that tells you where or when something is in relation to something else. There is an attached powerpoint to explain prepositions in more detail. There are then 4 slides with some little exercises to go through. After that, the children need to use a description full of prepositions to complete a drawing of a beach scene.

There are two more Fluent in 5 arithmetic slides (Children can choose which set they want to do.)

I thought we'd start a new Maths topic today and I chose Money as it's something which I thought would be possible to do at home. I thought it might suit everyone better than Decimals! All the children need to do today is go through the attached powerpoint which has lots of questions about money... and answers!

Wednesday 13th May -I hope everyone is ok! Today's powerpoint begins with answers to yesterday's SPaG questions and Fluent in 5 Arithmetic questions. 


After that, there are 2 slides in which the children need to apply their understanding of root words and suffixes. The second slide is more challenging than the first one! Just for once, I'm providing the answers to avoid frustrations as some of the words are tricky. I really hope the children will try and work them out for themselves though before looking at the answers. Let me know if anyone gets them right first time round!


I thought the children might enjoy creating their own menu of their favourite food. They need to think of their favourite starter, main course and pudding and be creative in the way that they design their menu. I've provided some ideas to inspire them.


There are 2 more 'Fluent in 5' slides (children can choose) and then 2 slides on finding the perimeter and area of different shapes. The second slide is more challenging (and optional.)


Finally, there is a mid-week Art activity this time looking at the work of Paul Cezanne. I am attaching one of the options as a word document in case children choose to colour in.

Hope you have a lovely day. smiley



Tuesday 12th May- Today there are two more slides on root words and suffixes. After that I'm giving the children a recipe for a healthy soup. Obviously there is no pressure to make it although it would be lovely if they did! I wondered whether the children could either write up a favourite family soup recipe or find one that they like the look of. 

There are two more Fluent in 5 slides (children can choose which slide they want to do) and then there is an Area powerpoint which I thought the children could go through. The powerpoint introduces the idea that it's possible to find an area of a shape either by counting the squares inside or multiplying the length of the sides. I would suggest that they click on the option of having the shapes on a grid.

I hope that they will also continue with the PE challenges.

Have a lovely day!

Monday 11th May- I hope you had a restful weekend!

I have put together quite a packed powerpoint of work for today (I hope it's not too much!) This week I'll be trying, as far as possible, to have activities that link to the theme for this week which is FOOD.

I will be emailing a SPaG paper just before the half-term holiday as I would have been giving the children the Summer 1 paper if we were in school. Over the next 2 weeks I will be covering a different aspect of the SPaG paper each day starting today with Root Words. There is an attached powerpoint explaining Root Words for the children to look at first. There is a lot on the first slide on my powerpoint. The children don't need to copy out every sentence. It's fine for them to just write down what the missing words would be.

Following that is a Reading Comprehension about Healthy Eating. There is a true and false slide and then questions where the children need to find evidence from the text.

After that, there is something a bit different. I found a PE Challenge which I thought the children may enjoy. They can complete the table with their results each day this week.

Then there are some Arithmetic 'Fluent in 5' Questions. There is a slide of Year 4 questions and for those who would like an extra challenge, there is a slide of Year 5 questions.

Finally, there are some more slides about AREA which is the current Maths topic.

Thursday 7th May

So the weather's lovely, it's a Bank Holiday weekend, the children have been working hard and I'm wondering if everyone could do with a bit of a break!

I would love it if the children continued listening to 20,000 Leagues and it would be great if they carried on practising Year 4 statutory spellings and did some TT Rockstars.

I have also attached the last two maths arithmetic papers as I know lots of children have been enjoying doing them.

The powerpoint however is linked to VE Day. I took some activities from the pack that came to me from Wiltshire Council. The children could learn to play hopscotch, have a game of skittles or  make some home-made lemonade! 

I have also attached a powerpoint all about VE Day. There are questions on the slides but I'm not expecting any work to be completed!

I hope you all have a really lovely weekend.

Wednesday 6th May

Today's powerpoint begins with answers to the comprehension questions and the questions on Area (Sorry that the answers are in a different order!)

I hope that the children will be keen to listen to Chapter 3 of '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.'

Then there is another reading comprehension, this time about Layers of the Ocean. There are a few questions which follow. 

Instead of more Area questions I've decided to provide some missing number calculations for today as it seemed to be something that some children were finding tricky in the arithmetic papers. There are 3 slides of calculations which get progressively trickier. The children do not have to do all three slides. They can choose the set of questions that suits them!

I decided to go for a mid-week arty-crafty slot but am slightly worried that I'm about to become the most unpopular teacher on the planet as one of the activities involves painting a foot!

I'm attaching another arithmetic paper and a template for the 'loo-roll octopus.'

Happy Wednesday!

Jo Gurr

Tuesday 5th May

I really hope that the children will enjoy listening to Chapter 2 of 20,000 Leagues. All they need to do is listen today. However, there is a piece of text to read about The Oceans of the World and a few questions to answer.

I would then like the children to write an exciting descriptive piece about being on a boat in a stormy sea. There are some paintings to inspire them and 2 slides which will help them structure their writing and some descriptive ideas which they might like to use.

There is some area work in which the children need to count squares and I have attached the next arithmetic paper.

Have a lovely day and please let me know if I can provide any extra help.

Monday 4th May

I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend.

There are spelling activities to start with today but then I'm going for something slightly different which I really hope is going to work! There is an audio book on Oxford Owl which fits perfectly with the theme for this week which is 'The Environment.'

The book is '20,000 Leagues under the Sea' which is an incredibly exciting adventure story. You will need to go on the Oxford Owl website and create an account (which is free) and then go to the ebooks. I would like it if the children listened to one chapter each day. They last for around 5 minutes. I mainly want the children to simply enjoy the story but each day I will also provide a slide or two of questions or activities.

I am hoping that the children now feel confident about working out the perimeter of a shape. This week we will look at AREA. All I want the children to do today is go through the powerpoint called 'Explanation of AREA.' They don't need to write anything down just make sure they understand the powerpoint.

Please let me know if there are any problems with anything!

Friday 1st May

The children have been working so hard and I'm so impressed with the work that has been emailed through to me. I've been in school the last couple of days so I'm sorry if I haven't yet given feedback. I will be getting back to you today!

I thought the children might enjoy an extended end of the week art activity. The theme has been animals this week and I have attached a powerpoint about Aboriginal art and a word document which has some outlines of animals that the children could copy or trace. Within my powerpoint there are some examples of animal paintings created using the particular technique of the Australian Aborigines. I am hoping that it is a technique that the children can copy using paints, felt-tips or coloured pencils. Maybe there are other materials or objects they could use like buttons, beads, sequins or fabric! I look forward to seeing their results. Maybe they could put their finished pieces on the class blog!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Jo Gurr

Thursday 30th April

I'm giving the children an extended piece of writing to do today and hoping that they'll be able to write a story based on the picture of the tiny dragon-like creature. I'm providing some questions to get them thinking and 3 possible story starts although if they have their own idea for a start, that's great. I'm also providing a list of features that they need to think about including. The children are used to writing using this checklist. I am looking forward to reading their stories. I'm hoping the photo will capture their imaginations!

The story will take some time so I'm not giving the children too much else to do today. There is however another spelling family to work on, some more perimeter work and I will attach another arithmetic paper.

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Wednesday 29th April

There's a bit of a spelling focus today. I will choose a different 'family' of words each day and today it's words ending in 'ible.' The children might like to try and use a look,cover, write, check method for practising the words. 

I've found some wordsearches and crosswords to help the children with learning their Year 4 spellings which seemed to me quite a fun way of practising them. There is a slide with all the words as a reminder and on the crossword, I have provided a little crossword which has a letter filled in for each missing word in case anyone is feeling really stuck!

I am giving the children a choice of two animal poems to write out as handwriting practice and I will also attach some special handwriting paper in case it's useful.

Then there are some reasoning and problem solving question on perimeters. I am also attaching an arithmetic paper.

Finally there is a slide on making origami fish!

Thank you for sending me the children's work. They are doing so well!

With best wishes to you all,

Jo Gurr

Tuesday 28th April

Today's powerpoint begins with slides of answers to yesterday's work. Then there is another piece of text about Rainforest Wildlife. The children need to find out the definitions of particular words used in the text. There are also some questions to answer. 

I thought the children might like another drawing activity. There are two animals to choose from and then they have a chance to design their own rainforest animal!

There is some more work on perimeters (just of rectangles today) and I have attached another arithmetic paper.

Happy Tuesday everyone and well done for working so hard!

Monday 27th April

I hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sun! I'm enjoying this lovely weather very much! I'm trying to provide lots of variety in the powerpoints. Today there is a reading comprehension on animals of the rainforest but instead of answering questions the children need to complete a table. A parent asked for another activity on making singular nouns into plural nouns so there is a powerpoint to explain the rules and some activities on the slides. (I really welcome feedback, suggestions and requests by the way!) 

For the Maths, I wondered whether the children might like to do an arithmetic paper each day for the next two weeks. They come with answers so no cheating! Let me know how you get on though. A Year 4 topic we hadn't got onto is Perimeter and Area so we'll start with perimeter today. There are two powerpoints to go through first and then there are some shapes to look at on a grid in my powerpoint.

I look forward to hearing from you all and do keep going with your Year 4 spelling words and your tables!

Have a great day and don't forget to send me your work!

Mrs Gurr

Friday 24th April

End of the week! I hope you've all had a good week. Well done to all of you who have been working hard. It's great to hear from you and to see your fab work!

Today, there is a bit of grammar/punctuation work looking at when we use an s to show a plural (more than 1)  and when we use 's to show possession (eg the girl's dog.)

Then there is a slide on how to write a quiz! I thought the children might enjoy creating their own quiz. They could either write it and send it to me or they could use it for a family quiz night! In my family we have been doing a weekly zoom quiz with lots of other family members. It's my turn to write the quiz this week so maybe I can use some of the questions that the children in Otters come up with! (I am also attaching an answer sheet for the quiz that might be useful.)

Then there is a Geography quiz this time about weather followed by a fractions quiz. Finally there are some fractions investigation questions for the children who love fractions and want some extra challenges!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 23rd April

Today there are two more activities which relate to the piece of writing about trolls-children need to come up with their own definitions of words used in the text. Then they have a chance to invent their own trolls and think of some some weird and wonderful things to say about them! If the children would like to draw, paint or construct their own troll I'd love to see them!

Then there is another geography quiz, this time about the world followed by step by step instructions on how to draw a bird.

Finally there is some some more fractions work, this time thinking about money. Children can choose which slide they want to do. The second slide is a lot more challenging!

Wednesday 22nd April

Today's powerpoint begins with the answers to Tuesday's work.

 I'm hoping the children can each write me a poem called 'What I like' in which they focus on all their favourite sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings! The original idea comes from Ruby and her poem is there as a source of inspiration!

Then there is information about trolls and an activity in which the children need to think about exciting adjectives. There is a geography quiz with some tricky questions about Europe and three lots of fractions word problems. The third set of questions is the most challenging. Children can choose which set they want to do!

Keep sending me work. It's great to hear from you!

Tuesday 21st April. 

Here is the powerpoint of morning activities for today. There are answers to some of yesterday's work, another geography quiz (relating to maps) and then something a bit different! There's a lovely story called 'The King of the Fishes.' There are some questions which come after and I'd love the children to have a go at writing some sentences about animals following a particular pattern. There is a slide which explains how to do it!

I have a slide about making a bird feeder out of an apple and then there is some more fractions work. I am also attaching a powerpoint about working out fractions of amounts to try and help if anyone is feeling stuck!

Monday 20th April- TERM 5

Dear Parents,

I hope you all managed to have some relaxing time over the Easter break and that you were able to enjoy the sunshine. The lovely weather certainly helped to lift spirits in our family!

I have created a powerpoint which begins with some spelling and then moves onto an activity which will involve the children looking out for birds in the garden. I'm hoping they can create a factsheet or a little booklet about birds that they spot. This could be a project which continues throughout the week. I hope it is something the children will enjoy. I have included some information about a couple of short youtube clips in case they're interested and also a suggestion that they look on the RSPB website which has lots of extra information. 

I know some children have been doing some cooking and I have included a simple recipe that I followed last week (sorry it's rather sweet!) and I'm hoping that the children will write up a favourite recipe of their own. I suggested that they could be put onto our class blog.

There is a geography quiz and some more fractions work, this time thinking about fractions of a number.


I look forward to hearing from you!


With my very best wishes,

Jo Gurr


Dear Parents,

Below are some Easter Holiday activities that have come from Wiltshire Council that you and your children might like to look at. I have also attached some activities that link to Easter Week starting on Monday. Again, there are some lovely ideas.


I had lots of emails with work attached yesterday and I will slowly work through them and make sure I give the children some feedback. (I was in school again yesterday so wasn't in front of my computer!) I have been so impressed by the quality and quantity of the children's work and it has been really lovely to be able to keep in touch. Big pats on the back and rounds of applause to you too. I have children at home as well and I know how hard it is to keep them motivated and interested in school work!


I am obviously not going anywhere (!) so do please get in contact if I can help in any way- I am happy to send additional resources and ideas. Happy also to continue giving the children feedback if they want to send me anything.


Stay in touch and have a lovely Easter. Let's hope the sun continues to shine!


With best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Easter Holiday Pick-a-mix tasks


Here are a few activities you could do over the Easter Holiday.  You don't have to do them and there is no need to email them to teachers.  Have a lovely Easter!

                                                                                                Friday 3rd April

Hi everyone,

Today's powerpoint is a bit different. A friend of mine wrote a riddle so I'm giving it to you to try and solve and I'd love you to write a riddle for me to solve!

There is also some bus stop division  together with some examples to remind you of the method. After that there are two scavenger hunts which will involve looking for things outside as well as in the house. Let me know how you get on.

The final slide I should have given you on Wednesday because it is full of lovely things to do for each day in the month of April!

Enjoy your holidays. Stay in touch by sending me photos and messages!

Best wishes,

Mrs Gurr

                                                                                                                                              Thursday 2nd April

Dear Parents,

Firstly, sorry I haven't yet responded to the work that was emailed to me yesterday. I was in school during the day and was then preparing today's powerpoint in the evening! Keep sending work through to me though and I will be getting back to you during the day today.

Thinking about Easter...I have been putting together some creative/outdoor/brainteaser type activities in case you would like me to continue with daily powerpoints in the holiday. (There is also going to be a general  grid of activities that will go on all the class pages that comes from Wiltshire Council.)

If you would like me to continue with the daily powerpoints on our class page though, let me know. If there are enough of you who would like me to continue, then I will!

Best wishes to you all, Jo Gurr

Hi Otters! Thank you for sending me through all your fabulous work. It's lovely to be able to stay in contact. I'd love you to write me a story today using the picture in the powerpoint. There are some fun 'Spot the mistakes' spelling exercises, some more multiplication calculations and a Science/Gardening activity which is maybe one you could try out over the Easter holidays. I'd love to see some photos! Stay safe and well, Mrs Gurr

Hi Everyone,

I've put some Science investigations on today's powerpoint. Hope you enjoy them! Please keep sending me your work! Hope you're all ok. I'm going to be in school today (Wednesday). It will be very strange being there without you all! 

With best wishes, Mrs Gurr

Here is Tuesday's powerpoint! 

Hi there everyone,

I'm writing this on Monday afternoon of Week 2. I'm sorry to pile on the pressure but I really need to hear from everyone. There are still 10 children that I haven't received any work from. The daily powerpoints I'm putting on this page are to try and help the children stay on track and I also hoped that they would provide a bit of structure to your learning sessions. Please try to send me through something, even it's a bit of arithmetic work or evidence that the children are practising their spellings and tables. I am very much wanting to help and make life a bit easier if I can, so let me know if there are different ways in which I can give you some support. 

With best wishes,

Jo Gurr

Dear Parents,

I hope you managed to have a restful weekend. 

I realise that these are extremely strange times but I'm hoping that you and your child are enjoying the activities on the powerpoints and that they help you to structure your learning time. Please send me through photos of any work that your child completes and I will try to provide some feedback. I am anxious to try and keep going with key aspects of the Year 4 curriculum so if your child is able to complete the work I'm sending through on the powerpoints that's wonderful and it means they will continue to make progress! Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.


NHS Colour for our Carers

Week 2

Hi there everyone,

Here is Friday's powerpoint. Today I'm hoping you'll be writing me some amazing animal adventure stories! As before, the first few slides are the answers for yesterday's work. 

I am also attaching another powerpoint on adding fractions for anyone that needs a bit of further explanation. I've been enjoying looking at all your work. Well done everyone for keeping the show on the road!

For those of you who wanted to tackle the last Maths slide today (Friday) here is a powerpoint on adding fractions with a different denominator. PLEASE DON'T WORRY IF YOU'RE FINDING IT TRICKY. WE HADN'T YET COVERED IT IN SCHOOL!

Here is Thursday's powerpoint of morning activities. There is also a powerpoint explaining how to add fractions. Answers will come on Friday so that you can mark your own work. Try to send me a photograph of some of the work you've been doing. A big thank you and a WELL DONE to all those who are working hard and sending me photos or messages. (I need to hear from ALL of you by the end of the week!)

Hope you're enjoying this lovely weather! 

Best wishes from Mrs Gurr

Here is Wednesday's powerpoint of morning activities. Best wishes to you all, Mrs Gurr.


I have created a powerpoint of morning activities that are similar to the sorts of activities that we normally do in school. If I can, I will try and keep this going so that each morning your child will have:

Comprehension and grammar exercises that relate to a picture

A spelling activity

Some arithmetic questions 

Some maths exercises that link to what we would be covering in school. We had recently started a topic on fractions and were looking at fractions which are more than a whole number. I am sending a link to a powerpoint which explains this in more detail.

My class know that I'm always asking them for feedback so do please give me feedback! Are these morning activities helpful?

(Answers for the maths activities will be provided the following day so that the children can mark their own work.)

Additional information for parents

Term 4, Week 3- As part of our topic on Electricity, we made circuits. We turned off the lights to make it even more exciting!
We are learning dance routines in our PE lessons with Active Trowbridge!
Term 4, Week 2 - Didn't you all look wonderful on World Book Day. Well done everyone for making such a big effort! 
Term 4, Week 1- We all enjoyed playing the Anglo-Saxon and Viking games that some children made for their homework. What creative ideas you have in Otters Class!

Welcome to Term 4!

We are now halfway through the academic year. All of the Otters are making really pleasing progress and I am delighted with their positive attitude to their learning and their determination to succeed. Well done all of you!

This term we have a new topic which is a Science topic- Electricity and Sound. We will also be starting a new class book- 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q Rauf.

It is really important that all the children focus on learning all their Year 3 and 4 spellings and are totally confident with their times tables as they will be sitting an online test in June. Please keep testing them at home!

We loved our book swap and our Seder meal on the last day of termOur RE Day in Term 3 was all about Judaism. We found out about the special meal which Jewish people share at the Festival of Passover which reminds them of the story of the escape from Egypt to the promised land after God spoke to Moses from the burning bush.
Term 3, Week 6 continued.... Some beautiful finished products. More to follow!
Term 3, Week 6- We've been making beautiful Anglo-Saxon and Viking artefacts out of clay! We made Anglo-Saxon pots and decorated them with special patterns. We also created tiles and wrote our names in Viking runes.
The homework projects have been so impressive! Well done everyone!
Term 3 Week 5- This week we finished our non-chronological reports and dressed up as Anglo-Saxons and Vikings!
Some wonderful 'extra' homework inspired by our topic!
We have all enjoyed our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic. We were particularly interested to find out about King Alfred and the Battle of Edington. How amazing that there is a commemorative stone on the Westbury White Horse! Here are some beautifully presented and well-researched information pages. Well done Otters! Next week we will be creating Anglo-Saxon and Vikings artefacts out of clay!
Term 3 Week 4 continued... We are enjoying our Gymnastics sessions in the hall. This week we focused on balance.
Term 3, Week 4- We all loved our Fit4Kids session on Wednesday!

Term 3, Week 2

This week's highlight was undoubtedly being able to spend an hour in 'Prayer Spaces.' This opportunity was provided by the Open the Book team from St Michael's Church. We are incredibly grateful to the team who gave up their week to create a space within school for prayer and quiet reflection.

Within the room there were five stations. Children were able to sit quietly in the prayer tent, aptly named 'Be Still.' They were also able to write prayers for people in need around the world.They could reflect on 'Big Questions'  and if they wanted to, think about things that they felt sorry about and for which they would like forgiveness. One child said that this was his favourite station because he felt that in saying sorry he could let something go so that it no longer worried him. Finally, the children were told about the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and they had the chance to write their own prayers and place them on a 'wall.'

It seems that the children benefited hugely from having this quiet reflective time in their otherwise very busy week and as you will see from the photographs, they were respectful and fully engaged with the different activities on offer.

It was also an hour in which no judgements were made and children had  choices about how to spend the time.

Some of the Big Questions were of a philosophical nature; I am looking forward to the follow-up session in class when Reverend John has the tricky task of answering them!


Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break.

We all enjoyed hearing about the twins' trip to South Africa. The photographs were wonderful!

Term 2,Week 7-What a busy final week! We all very much enjoyed some more homework presentations which related to our last Geography topic. It was fascinating to find out about places that you had visited in the United Kingdom and to hear too about places of interest in our local area. Well done everyone!

We spent two days of our final week before Christmas focusing on a topic within the RE syllabus called Incarnation. Years 3 and 4 wrote some beautiful kennings about the Holy Trinity and created their own symbols. 

The final 3 days were spent on a Design Technology topic. The children were presented with the challenge of creating a moving toy with a Christmas theme, using cams. Here are some photos of Day 1!

By Day 2 of our DT project, the moving toys were beginning to take shape!
Everyone was proud of their finished product. The project had involved lots of hard work, thinking and problem-solving!
On the last day of term we had a lovely party. Happy Christmas Otters!
Term 2, Week 6- In a multitude of different ways, the lovely Otters have been demonstrating some of our core school values. It was heart-warming to see them playing together so happily  during a wet play this week. Lovely too, to see them reading together and supporting each other. Our values of compassion, respect and collaboration were certainly in evidence this week. Well done Otters. It is a pleasure to be your teacher!

A few extra photos...

Someone with an inspirational message on their t-shirt, an inspirational message in our light box, some more fabulous homework (about Bude) and children very focused on their glockenspiel playing!

Term 2, Week 5- This week saw the start of our 'Comfy Reading' after lunch. 
We had some lovely positive messages in our light box.
We have begun our new topic on Ancient Egypt but today we had some wonderful homework presentations relating to our last topic- Topographical Features. Well done everyone!
Term 2, Week 4- This week we have been enjoying looking at maps and finding topographical features. We especially enjoyed looking at maps and photographs of our local area and finding out more about the River Avon, The Kennet and Avon Canal and local landmarks like the Westbury White Horse. It was interesting to watch the Steve Backshall film and have contour lines properly explained to us. The children went on to write some fabulous essays bringing together all the knowledge they have gained over the past three weeks. Our new topic is Ancient Egypt. Details to follow...

On Saturday, I attended a wonderfully inspiring conference in Bristol which was called Reading for Pleasure and was all about ways of encouraging children to read. One of the speakers talked about 'Comfy Reading' and it is something I would like to try with the Otters. I wondered whether each child would like to bring in a cushion from home and use it to sit on when we have our quiet reading time after lunch. They can sit wherever they like! I'm going to find a comfy place to sit and read too. I have some spare cushions if the children don't have a spare cushion at home to bring in. 

I enjoyed meeting a local writer of children's books called Gill Lewis who used to be a vet and now writes books about animals. I have a copy of two of her books which she signed inside and dedicated to the Otters. I am looking forward to lending these books to the children. I hope they enjoy them!

Term 2 Week 3- We are loving our Music lessons on a Monday afternoon when we get to play the new glockenspiels paid for by FOSS. Thank you so much FOSS! Music at Staverton has been transformed!

Term 2 , Week 2- We have had a productive and interesting week. In Reading/English we are continuing to look at the book The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo. Using the text as our starting point we have been learning to write dialogue using the correct speech punctuation. In Maths we have moved from Addition to Subtraction and have been applying calculation methods to real-life problems.

We have started our new topic block which is a Geography one. Our central question is: 

'What are the topographical features of the UK and of our local area?' We have started looking at maps and learning key vocabulary. 

We have started a new PSHE scheme called Jigsaw and this week we enjoyed a calming circle time session in which we each talked about times when we have felt both included and excluded. Jigsaw comes with a cuddly toy for each class which we enjoyed passing round!

We have been enjoying learning how to play rugby in our PE lessons!
Thank you Otters for dressing up for Children in Need and for taking part in the Joe Wicks fitness challenge. How wonderful that as a school we raised £264!
Term 2, Week 1- Welcome back everyone! This term has begun with the children writing some wonderful essays on our most recent topic 'Life Cycles' and presenting some fabulous homework. Well done Otters!

Term 1, Week 6 

This week we have been rounding numbers to the nearest thousand in Maths and plotting 4 figure numbers on numberlines. Otters enjoyed their lesson with Mrs Ibison in which they were putting numbers in ascending and descending order. We have been starting to plan a newspaper report in our English lessons and the children wrote some beautifully reflective flashbacks based on The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

We are becoming immersed in our Life Cycles topic and the children created some interesting non-chronological reports on classifying animals with descriptions of the characteristics of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish.



Term 1, Week 5-Well done Otters for demonstrating so many artistic skills and so much perseverance and focus as you completed your various printin