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Welcome to Parrots Year 3




To ensure the class continue to have spellings tailored to their needs, I will be sending spellings home for Term 6 on the 24th May

Term 5 Topic: PLANTS VS PARROTS (Will the Plants survive?!)

Spring term continued...


For the next few weeks we will continuing with The Secret Lake in Guided Reading and we will be looking at Explanation texts using The River Story by Meredith Hooper. We will use the Talk for Writing technique to learn this beautiful text which serves as a wonderful explanation of the journey of a river. We will make our own adjustments using synonyms and look at securing our Year 3 sentence structures.

What is in the jar?

Embracing our learning with positivity.


Welcome back. I hope you all had an enjoyable time with your families. I look forward to seeing you all.


First day back: We have had a wonderful day, the sun is shining and the children have been marvellous. The spellings, curriculum letter and homework has all been sent home with the children. You can also find the curriculum letter and homework grid saved under the tabs above.

Rhodedendron bushes feature a lot in the setting of our story so today the children began making their own for the classroom. We watched a very detailed demonstration online and then followed them carefully to make our own. The children did an amazing job. Have a look at the photos below.





Happy Red Nose Day!

Making fake fossils! As part of our science topic (Rocks and Soils) we made some fake fossils! We will look more closely at how fossils are created in the near future. We also wrote a set of instructions, How to Make a Fake Fossil! We had great fun but it was a bit messy!

We looked at different words relating to types of rocks. We tried to order them from smallest to largest. This was more difficult that we originally thought!

The finished display!

Rhodedendron origami linked to our story setting!

More class displays including fantastic setting descriptions of our secret lake and more art created by the children.

We have been sorting different rocks according to their properties. Have a look!

We looked at the art of Anthony Goldsworthy, the British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist. We used stones to create our own natural art images.

As an introduction to our new science topic, Rocks, we went outside to find something natural and old. This is what we found.

We used some natural stones to try to create some stone structures. Some artists call this stone stacking or stone balancing. It is really hard to make uneven stones balance on top of each other!

We recently completed our science work on Animals and Humans by learning about the human skeleton. We had a go at re-creating our skeletons out of paper bones. We then labelled as many different bones as we could.

Who are these characters? What have they found?

Reviews....doesn’t it sound exciting? Mrs Hannaford also says ‘Each chapter leapt into a new and exciting adventure. This fast paced, action packed mystery is a must read for adults and children alike. I loved reading it!’

Autumn Term 2


Welcome back to our second half term leading up to Christmas. I look forward to the term ahead filled with Rotten Romans, a visit from a Roman warrior, getting ourselves fully immersed in a wonderful tale of more Rotten Characters: 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl. Also, we will be creating our own explosive volcanoes, Roman mosaics, more Swimming and the build-up to a magical Staverton Christmas. More details to follow in our Curriculum letter! Spellings and homework will be sent home by the end of the week.


Thanks for your continued support.

Mrs. Hannaford


Our ongoing volcano project was a great success. Each child made their own Mount Vesuvius over the weeks, culminating in the Science experiment eruption to emulate the Roman story ‘Escape from Pompeii’. Well done to the children for all their hard work and effort especially with their clay skills and their enthusiasm in writing the predictions, methods and conclusions so well! 

We have started our new science topic "Animals, including human beings" by looking at healthy eating. We have discussed what we understand the term "healthy eating" means. We have investigated the 5 main food groups. Also we have looked at the amount of added sugar in some drinks. Already this term we have discussed and shared ideas, ordered quantities, measured quantities and drawn graphs. We love being scientists!

Learning our times tables can be fun! We have used a metronome to count up and back in multiples of 3s. This is really quite tricky when we speed the metronome up! We have also made fortune tellers to help consolidate our times table facts.

Making Mount Vesuvius! Messy but fun! Pompeii doesn’t stand a chance!

Look at this fabulous example of pop art style artwork. Well done.

Colouring in the style of Andy Warhol. We used our line drawings from last week and turned them into a selection of Andy Warhol style Mount Vesuvius compositions. Look at our fabulous work

We have spent the week learning about fronted adverbials. These are adverbial phrases that start sentences. Here we are sorting and grouping the different phrases.

We love reading! Look at the variety of books we are reading in Parrots class.

Who is reading these books?

We explored different types of lines in Art this afternoon. We made sure we could name all the different types of lines we could think of: straight, curved, horizontal, vertical, overlapping, solid, broken etc

We looked at Andy Warhol's famous picture of Mount Vesuvius erupting. We then had a go at re-creating his painting. Next week we will colour them in the pop Art style for which Andy Warhol is famous.

As part of our Fabulous Friday, we had a go at pairing up Roman numerals to the numerals we use today. We worked as a class to find our partner and place the matching pairs together.

We also made more clocks using Roman numerals and Roman gladiators!

As part of Fabulous Fridays , we made clocks using Roman numerals. We also had a go at a little Roman shopping using Roman numerals.

As part of our Fabulous Friday, some of us investigated the strength of different bridge designs. Did you know that the Romans were fabulous architects? Maybe we will be amazing architects too one day.

Here are a few other photos from our Fabulous Fridays. Have you ever played a Roman Gladiator board game? Or maybe designed a poster to promote safe scooter skills?

Stop, Drop and Read! The children have made their own bookmarks for our own class Book Club. They love their selection and chose the authors and books they wanted in our class library. Wiltshire Library Resources had everything they wanted!

Excellent mixing and shading techniques used. All linked to the monochrome illustrations within 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne.

Week 1 of Year 3

Our Fab Friday theme is camouflage. One of our activities was to "hide" our hand within an art composition. Here are some of our optical illusions.

We enjoyed using dice to play a mathematical game linked to place value.

We had fun in our Fab Friday session. Some of us read and performed short play scripts, some of us chose to create a new world using junk modelling, a few of us chose to read and follow instructions to draw a forest scene and one person chose to practise their geographical skills and draw their own sketch map.

We have used natural materials and PVA glue to create interesting art compositions. The inspiration for our pictures has come from two wonderful books: Into the Forest and The Tin Forest.

Spellings Update


Congratulations to all the children who did well on their first spelling test this week. It was clear who had practised regularly as they were the ones that had the evidence of practise in their Spelling books. These children were also the ones that did well! This demonstrates the importance of practise at home. Let's see if we can get a full house of children practising in their spelling books and then all being successful on Friday. I appreciate this may be a new routine and can understand there may be an adjustment period!


Please remember their spelling books MUST be in their bags to do their tests in on Friday and for us to check their books for practise.  Any concerns with this please let me know.


Well done to Parrots and their wonderful parents! Your support is needed, appreciated and beneficial.


Mrs Hannaford


Welcome to Year 3! I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer and the children are well rested ready for the term ahead. Thank you to those who attended the 'Meet the Teacher' meetings. If you were unable to attend, the PowerPoint Presentation is available under the Letters tab at the top of the page.


Our Topic this term is 'Once upon a time' which is the overarching theme across the school. We are focussing on the text 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne throughout English. It is a fantastic story that has hooked the children in already! More information can be found in the Curriculum Letter above.


The children have already settled in very well. Counting in 50's and 100's in Maths and already immersing ourselves in Music, Art and Science - all linked to our focus text.


Please see some pictures below from their first successful week in KS2 including Hockey!