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Welcome to Penguins

Foundation Stage

Early Learning Goals for the end of the Reception Year and what you can do at home to help meet these goals.

Term 6


Our topic this term is:

What lives at the bottom of your garden?

Throughout the term we will be looking at things that live in our gardens! We will be going on a bug hunt and making homes for the creatures in our garden. We will also look at flowers and plants too.


Our Talk4Writing story this term is:

The hungry caterpillar


Don't forget our class trip on WEDNESDAY 6th JUNE!


To kick start our Talk 4 Writing story 'The Hungry Caterpillar' we went on a bug hunt. We were looking for the hungry caterpillar and we found lots of his friends!

We have tadpoles! We are excited to watch them grow! Ask us about the frog lifecycle and we will be happy to tell you all we know!

Wow! What a brilliant time we had at Avon Valley! We went pond dipping, we planted some cress, met, fed and stroked lots of animals and even watched the pig racing! We had such a fabulous day.

Term 5


Our topic this term is:

Do all dragons live in castles?

Throughout the term we will be looking at kings, queens, princesses, knights, castles and dragons! We will be getting creative and making our own dream castles, we will learn about castles and who may have lived in them and look at different castles around the world. We will also become kings, queens, princesses, princes or knights for the day- watch this space!


Our Talk4Writing story this term is:


Later on in the term we will also be hunting for dragon eggs!

WOW! Super independent writing!

We had such a fun day with our teddy bears! Take a look at what we got up to!



We went on a Bear Hunt...

We had a Teddy Bear Tea Party

We wrote and coloured with our bears

We read with our bears

And made songs up about our bears using percussion instruments

We wrote invitations to Rhinos to ask them to come and join our teddy bear reading... and they said yes!

We had so much fun!

AMAZING doubling in Maths this week!

WOW! Super independent writing!

WOW! Look at our fabulous castles and shields we made for our homework!

Story Telling

Still image for this video
We have become super story tellers using the story telling cape!

Story Telling

Still image for this video
We have become super story tellers using the story telling cape!

Can you retell our dragon adventure?

We went Dragon Hunting! We found lots of clues including foot prints, dragon poo and dragon food! We found the dragon's nest in the wildlife area!

Marvelous Maths

Super independent story writing!

Super star writing!

With the sun shining this week, we enjoyed some time outside.

We love our new 'decontructed role play' which allows us to really use our imaginations.

We love reading books in our reading corner


The frog prince was stuck in the well!

Exploring symmetry and mixing colours

Programming beebot

Check out our displays for this term!

Term 4

Our topic this term is:

If you were a pirate, where would you go?

Within this topic we will be looking at animals and environments under the sea. We will experiment with different materials by making boats and testing if they will float or sink. We will also become pirates and explorers!


Our Talk 4 Writing story this term is:

The story of Pirate Tom


We will also be learning the poem Mrs Pirate and using it to create our own list poems.

This week we have had great fun creating and writing our own stories. Have a look at some of the stories we have created!

Look at our super star learners this week!

Science week fun!

Zoolab came to show us some animals!

We made our own rocket mice

We worked in groups to plan and make boats. We tested them in water with passengers!

We loved having Rhinos come and read to us this week!

We really enjoyed our library trip with Pandas' Class.

We loved making our own special Rainbow Fish. Look in our window see if you can spot our special shiny scales!


ARRRRRR! We enjoy being pirates during explore time

We have been helping each other during paired reading.

Term 3

Our topic this term is:

What happens down on the farm?

Within this topic we will be looking at different animals we find on a farm. We will explore the lifestyle of a chicken and also baby animals.


Our Talk 4 Writing story this term is:

The Little Red Hen


We are also very excited to show you some of the things we have been learning in our learning showcase on Friday 2nd February!

Our role play area has been transformed into a farm shop

And our small world area has become a farm

We have been writing letters and postcards in our writing area to post in the letter box near the farm shop.

Ordering numbers in our maths area

We have also been busy making farm animals for our topic.

Can you guess what animals we are making?

Term 2


Our topic for this term is

Is a fireman a superhero?



As part of this topic we will be looking at heroes in the everyday world including firemen, policemen and road workers. In Expressive Art and Design, we will be designing and making our own superhero outfits.

Our story we are learning in Literacy is:

We really enjoyed learning the songs for our nativity!

Term 1 

Firstly, a big welcome to the Penguins class and their parents/carers!  


As you know your child is being taught by me, Miss McCombe, and Mrs Gurr will be covering my PPA time.

Our class teaching assistants are Mrs King, Mrs Donaldson and Mrs Plumpton (1:1). 


We are all looking forward to getting to know your child better and helping them to settle in to school life during the coming weeks. Over the first term there will be much to learn that is new to both you and your child but we aim for a gentle transition to new routines for everyone and very much look forward to working in partnership with you.


Our topic question for term 1 is:

What makes me special?


This topic will allow the children to share about themselves, their likes, their families and what is important to them. This will be a great opportunity for us to get to know the children and for the children to get to know each other.

We have been learning the days of the week song!

Can you sing it to your adult?