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Welcome to Rhinos

Year 4 and Year 5

Term 6

Ancient Civilisation


This term for history we will be learning about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We will be researching their achievements of the earliest civilisations and exploring the impact the Shang Dynasty had on our society. Image result for what is the shang dynasty


Image result for rocktopus

Here is our song we created with Rocktopus!



Roads End: Whilst some children were out of school taking part in an opera project, the rest of us did a block of work on a short film called Roads End. We loved this mysterious and thought provoking film.

We love reading so much, that some of us choose to read during wet play!

Investigative maths: Here we are completing a problem solving activity involving analogue and digital clock faces.

What a great start!

Well done Annabel and Georgia! You have wowed us all with your grit and determination, using your growth mindset to solve a tricky maths investigation. Your smiles say it all! Keep up the fantastic effort. 

Getting stuck into statistics!

We have been working hard to read, draw and interpret data. We have been gathering data and recording it using the most appropriate method, in addition to presenting our findings using bar charts and line graphs! Well done Rhinos, you have all worked very hard to master such skills! Great effort. 

Summer has sprung!

We have loved getting out in the sunshine! We have produced some spectacular observational drawings. We will show you soon!! 

Term 5

Why should the rainforest be important to all of us?


This term in Rhinos class we are exploring the question 'Why should the rainforest be important to all of us?'. During this exciting geography topic we will be covering environmental issues, getting hands on with rainforest animals and lots of colourful art work.




Well being week. We took some time to enjoy our surroundings while enjoying our reading books.

Work that we are proud of!

Thursday 19th April-

Trip to Salisbury.


A quick reminder that we will be leaving the school at 9 am and will return to the school about 3.30pm.


You will need to bring your child to school promptly for 8.40 am. Doors will be open from 8:35am.


The children will need a backpack with the following items:

-2 drinks


-A packed lunch

-A hat (if sunny, we will be outside most of the day!)


The children must wear school uniform but need to wear comfortable shoes and a waterproof coat (just in case).



See you all tomorrow for a fantastic day!

Miss Swann


WOW! What a great piece of work! A Non Chronological hot task in English.

A creative Hot Task - a Non Chronological report on an artist! Well done Olivia - what a hard worker you are!

Term 4

Why is Salisbury a great place to live?

Image result for salisbury cathedral

ZooLab visited Staverton school yesterday. They learnt about rainforests and the unique animals that live in this habitat.

Can you drop an egg from 2.5m and not break it? Some children in Rhinos can! Look what they created.

Well done Rhinos class for all of your fantastic maths games! We thoroughly enjoyed playing them. Take a look!

World Book Day news: A huge thank you to everyone who dressed up on Thursday. You all looked amazing. Congratulations. What a shame the snow disrupted our plans but we had fun in the short time available. Certificates and prizes for costumes and extreme reading photos will be given out next week.

Rhinos class love reading! Here are two recommendations for books we have in our own school library. Which book would you recommend?

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Extreme reading! Don't forget to take a photo of you doing an extreme read for World Book Day.

We enjoyed our visit from Rocktopus! It was a fun filled 30mins of composing, performing, recording and creativity!

Our trip to Trowbridge Library.

Busy Rhinos planting bulbs!

This term in literacy we are carrying on with our book 'Wolf Brother'. Here we are acting and freeze framing key moments.

Image result for rhino reading a bookDear parents and guardians, 


Rhinos class and I would greatly appreciate having an extra pair of ears once a week! If you are willing to come and listen to some of our fantastic readers on a weekly basis and have a DBS check please would you contact Mrs Roberts at reception or myself. 


If you do not have a DBS check but would be interested, then please speak to Mrs Roberts. 


Thank you in advance, 

Rhinos class. 


Image result for european city mapTerm 3

Where would you build a city?


Rhinos will be using geographical enquiry to research some of Europe's famous cities. We will be answering the question 'where would you build a city?' by firstly developing, planning and evaluating the similarities and physical differences between cities and villages.



Our focus text in English this term is 'Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver. We will be looking in-depth at the text and exploring the story structure and specific extracts to extend our own learning and apply this in our writing.                                                      


First News: We LOVE this newspaper. We use it regularly to practice our reading comprehension skills. Using a highlighter to find the evidence is an excellent way to prove we know what the answer is.

BIG MATHS: We have fun in Big Maths. Our recent investigation was all about Planet Zargon. We had to work out which numbers on planet Zargon were ZIffles. As you can see from the excitement on our faces, we cracked it! And look at our amazing working out! And yes, some of us have written on the desks to show our working out. Don't worry. This was with a whiteboard marker and after a few wipes, the tables looked as good as new.

Term 2 

Why should gun powder, treason and plot never be forgotten?

Our overall curriculum topic for this term is ‘Why should gun powder, treason and plot never be forgotten?’ This will be an exciting History topic where the children can build upon their previous learning and delve into the restoration following the armed conflicts and political machinations that took place between Parliamentarians and Royalists! 

Prepare yourself Rhinos for a Parliamentary debate that will go live to our class page!


Anglo Saxon Learning Showcase Song

Here is the link to our Anglo-Saxon song to practice at home. Happy singing! 



Learning Showcase

Thank you friends and family for attending our learning showcase this morning! We really loved having you in school with us. If you were unable to attend don't panic, Mrs Knight took lots of photos to share with you so you won’t miss out.


A message from Miss Swann...

A massive well done to each and every Rhino, you were all spectacular and have made me very proud.


First News is always worth a read. Here we are enjoying some quiet time, reading the news.

Water colour experts. Here we are painting our water colour pictures at the end of our RE topic: What is the Trinity. We have painted our own representations if the baptism of Jesus. We were so proud of our work, we invited Mr Bartlett to view our compositions.

We are gymnasts! Take a look at how we work together to counterbalance and our progress so far.

In Rhinos, we LOVE to read! Here are some of the books we have chosen from our school library to read in our own time.

Term 1

Were the Anglo Saxons really smashing?

Our topic this term will be ‘Were the Anglo Saxons really smashing?’ This will be an exciting History topic where the children can find out who the famous Anglo Saxons were and delve into the shocking rules and behaviours of that time!

Bloodhound SSC : The fastest car in the world? We recently read a news article about this car. THE BLOODHOUND SSC had its first big test drive on its quest to become the fastest car in the world. This news report was fascinating to read.

Fleur Hitchcock: a famous author

We loved our visit to the library. Why not read our comments?