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Welcome to Sparrows' Class

Year 1

Toy Exhibition Trip to the Assembly Rooms in Bath

Term 5

We are answering the question "Is the Wii more fun than Grandma and Grandad’s old toys?" We will be learning about the history of toys and the progression they have made to today's toys and games. In Science we will be answering the question "Why material stops the rain?" This is a short and sweet term and I am looking forward to the super learning that will take place!  

Belated World Book Day! What fun we had.

Term 4

Welcome back Sparrows! It's the start of a long, busy but fun term in Sparrows Class! This term we are answering the Science question "Why are humans not like tortoises'? In History we will be answering the question "Could you become King or Queen?" whilst learning about the roles and responsibilities and history of the British monarchy.

Image result for tortoise clipart



It's Sparrows Class Learning Showcase this Friday (20th January) at 2:45pm in the hall. All welcome!


Term 3


Welcome back Sparrows! I hope you all had a lovely, festive holiday. This term we are answering the question "Why can't a Meerkat live in the North Pole?" We will be learning about the continents and environments in which animals live and why they are suited to them.


A few snaps from our 'Once upon a time' day. Fantastic costumes, tasty potions and sparkly crowns!

Spellings Mix Up by Miss Deane!


Massive apologies, the children were tested on the wrong week (my fault completely!), so if they could practice the week 3 spellings and they will be tested (as planned) on Monday 21st. I will test them on the spellings they learnt for week 2, tomorrow (Wednesday).

These spellings will be tested on Monday 21st November:












What brilliant Autmun pictures and bonfire spectaculars!

A few snaps from our Autumn Walk on a chilly, frosty afternoon.

Term 2


Welcome back Sparrows! This term we will be answering the question 'Where do the leaves go in winter?'. We will be learning about this and answering the question in Geography and Science. As the festive season draws closer we will be doing some very exciting Image result for autumn leavesperformances and activities so keep an eye on here for information and updates!



Some fantastic 17th Century houses, research on the winter solstice and bonfire pictures! These will all be going on display in school. Super Sparrows!

Wow! This is just a selection of the outstanding Night Time Pictures created by Sparrows. A massive well done!

Term 1


Welcome to Sparrows Class page! In our first term of the year we will be answering the question "What happened in Pudding Lane?".

We will be finding out how the Great Fire of London started and how we know about this 'great' event in history.


End of Year Expectations