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Welcome to the Sparrows' Class! (Year 1)

Well, we finally have Sparry back safe and sound! We really did miss him. This year has flown by and we are down to our last 7 weeks... This term we are going to be focusing on ANIMALS! Mr Mead has ordered some new friends, that we will be observing over the next few weeks! Exciting! Keep an eye out for these...

Very flappy chickens!

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The day we held the chicks...

What is this?

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Playing with toys and growing feathers today!

We have had a busy day! Reading, playing keyboard and even a little football! 1 cheeky chick even tried escaping!!

Friday evening... We were going to have a film evening with Mr Mead but we fell asleep by 8:15pm!

Day 5


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Friday morning problem solving! How many shape families can you find with 9 sides?

Bed time for the chicks! Night...

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We are ready for a new home!

Chick update 1st July 2015

When we left school tonight we had 7 chicks! 


 Mr Mead and Miss Parsons

10 little chicks!

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10 chicks this morning!

7 chicks and counting...

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7 chicks and counting...

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Look at me!

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Trying to get out

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Day 2

Sparrows and Kingfishers had a very special delivery today!

Day 1

Performing our new stories using our text maps!

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Week 2 innovation- changing the story!

Using our maths skills to play games and solve problems!

Just one left...

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This one was flapping his wings but didn't want to leave us!

Releasing the butterflies! We had to think of 10 names as they flew out!

We were very lucky this week and got to meet some real tortoises all the way from South America....Terry and Teresa! They came to visit and had tried to write the story of 'How Tortoise got his shell'.' We ended up helping as they didn't know how to use a text map!

Update on our plants and animals!! The butterflies are being released today after we successfully hatched all 10 :D our beans and cress are growing well too! Please have a look at our vegetable patch some time...

Here is our text map for our new story 'How Tortoise got his shell'. Hope you enjoy homework this week :D

Due in Sparrows and Kingfishers Class Monday 29th June...

We are off to Monkey World on July 7th 2015! Please find additional copies of the letter at the bottom of this page if you need one :)

Problem solving Thursday!

We are observing how things change and grow this term... we cannot wait to see what happens! Make sure you have a look at our beans in the vegetable patch too!

Phonics Screening Check

Phonics Screening Check Practice Words

KS1 Country Study Projects! Well done on all the hard work that was put in!

CCTV Footage from Staverton Primary School

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Blackbeard is caught red handed!

We made £375 in our cake sale on Friday! Thank you for your massive support and yummy cakes! Mr Mead and the Sparrows now need to have a think what exciting things we can spend the money on :D

A class full of pirates!! Aye Aye Shipmates!

We received photos of Sparry and the other animals. They are having fun but we don't think they make very good pirates!

We decided to write instructions on How to Catch a Pirate!

Dear Sparrows, Kingfishers and Squirrels, We wish you were here! We are having a lovely Easter break. On Monday we went down to the pond, we found lots of creatures. On Wednesday we explored the new library. It looks amazing! On the last day of the holidays we dressed up as pirates and played on the ship outside. Can you see Rodney and Sparrie? We can’t wait to see you all soon and hear about your holidays. Love from Sparrie, Arlo, Rodney and Rebel xxxx

Key Stage 1 Trip to @Bristol. A fab day of learning with loads of Science things to explore! More pics to follow.

A fab day with lots of excellent Science going on! Thank you to everyone for the amazing effort that has gone in to the day! More images to come...

Exploding Volcano

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All ready for The Staverton Science Show tomorrow. Very exciting! All the projects look AMAZING!

Volcano Explosion

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Using coke and mentos! Cover your ears!

Here is our textmap for The Ridge Back Dragon!

It was amazing meeting a real olympic athelete. Emily Diamond was a real inspiration to us all! She worked hard and persevered when things got tough!

Testing volcanoes with Kingfishers!

We are enjoying Gymnatics with Miss Wilson! We have learnt so much already!

Monkey World school trip letter