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Welcome to Squirrels Class

Year 2 and 3

Our Trip to Weymouth Sea Life Centre.

Bubble Day on Monday 18th July. Lots of fun and lots of science!

Term 6 in the Squirrels' Class

This term our Talk for Writing story is 'Jack and the Beanstalk' a very well known traditional story. We shall continue with 'Active Trowbridge' athletics lessons on Wednesdays and a games session on Tuesdays. The children really need to keep their P.E. kit in school all week in case we do P.E. sessions at other times. Several children haven't got daps or trainers that fit, if you could check with your child that they have daps and that they still fit, that would be excellent. Trainers are fine! We are all growing tomato plants at the moment, using our knowledge of what plants need to grow well. We will also be growing beans later. I hope it is going to be a sunny term full of growing and learning!

Term 5 in the Squirrels' Class.

This term we shall be studying Rainforests. We will be finding out about the creatures and plants that make the rainforests of the world such fascinating and important places.

P.E. - learning to throw the javelin.

This term we are reading Mr. Stink by David Walliams.




Staverton 99: Our final list

As part of World Book Day 2016, the children have compiled the following list of their favourite books. This is a wide and varied list. Our aim is to purchase all these books and place them in our growing library.  

Term 4


Our topic this term is called Record Breakers and it will be a largely science based topic . We will be finding our about record breaking animals and humans: the biggest, the fastest, the smallest, the heaviest, the oldest! We will focus on skeletons, muscles and nutrition and the children will also choose one animal or human to research.

Staverton Science Week starts on Monday 14th March with the Staverton Science Fair and it should be an exciting and educational week! 

On Friday the Squirrels spent the day learning outside. They lit a fire, made hot chocolate, tried archery and played cooperative games. It was a great day!

Look who came to visit the Squirrels class today!

In Talk for Writing our current text is an information text called the 'The Storm Unicorn'. Here is our text map so that you can practise at home in you would like to!

Here are some photographs from World Book Day. See if you can spot Stickman, Harry Potter, Hermione Grainger, Ginny Weasley, Cinderella, Angelina Ballerina, Matilda, Donatello, Bat Girl, The Littlest Bunny, Horrid Henry and Oliver Twist!
We made £107.88 at the cake sale. A huge thank you to everyone who helped run it, sent in cakes or gave their children money!

Here is the Curriculum Letter for Squirrels' Term 4, it gives an outline of what we will be covering up until Easter.

Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge continues!  We now have several children on their SUPER GOLD bookmark! 

Remember, you can only get one box filled in each day, so it is important to read often!

Staverton Science Week starts on Monday 14th March!

They have also brought home a letter about this week's homework and here is a copy.

                        Term 3


Don't forget - Wednesday 3rd February is Viking day! Come dressed as a Viking for a day packed full of Viking activities.


In term 3 the squirrels will be finding out about The Vikings! We will discover the routes they took from Norway and Denmark to the British Isles and what they did when they got here. We will learn about Viking homes, clothes, weapons and art. Also important are the Anglo-Saxons who were living in Britain when the Vikings arrived and had to cope with these alarming visitors.


The Squirrels have a go at Tri Golf.


The Squirrels class have been enjoying some excellent stories at the end of the day.

In Term 1 we read 'Pippi Longstocking' by Astrid Lindgren. A book of stories about Pippi, a funny, fearless and very strong girl who lives with her monkey Mr. Nelson.

In Term 2 we read 'Matthew Buzzington', the story of a boy who thinks that he can turn into a fly and the troubles that he has with a bully called Pineapple Johnson after he moves to the big city.

In Term 3 we are reading 'Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf'. When we have finished this we have 'Erik the Viking' lined up!

Squirrels year 3 homework letter

Term 2

Term 2 is here already. This term we will be finding out about two 'Magnificent Mathematicians'. Ada Lovelace wrote the first ever computer program so we shall be learning to program using the Beebots and 'Scratch'. We shall also be finding out about Alan Turing, the World War Two code breaker and so we shall be breaking codes and sending secret messages! The last two weeks of term will be devoted to a Christmas project.

Our story this term is 'Why Bats Sleep in the Day'. Here is our story map so that the children can tell you the story at home!

The Squirrels working at problem solving in mathematics.

Science 'Forces and Motion'. Investigating the effects of friction on the distance travelled by a toy car. We used the same car, travelling down the same ramp and just changed the surface at the bottom of the ramp.

Year 2 Fire Safety Talk

Jan from Trowbridge Fire Station and Blaze Bear came into school and told us the story of Frances the Firefly.  We found out some tops tips to help keep us safe in the event of a fire.

  • Check your smoke alarms every week

  • Smoke rises, stay low to the ground

  • Feel the door with the back of your hand. 

  • If your clothes catch fire: STOP, DROP, ROLL until the flames are out


Jan taught us a rhyme

Matches and lighters – do not touch! They can harm you very much!

Jan said we could look after Blaze Bear. 


Term 1

The Deep

The Squirrels are finding out about the creatures that live in the sea, from depths of the North Sea to the sparkling waters in the Caribbean!