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Staverton C.E. Primary School

School Lane, Staverton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire,

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Welcome to Tigers

Year 3 and Year 4

Class teacher: Miss Allen

PPA teacher: Miss Jones and Mrs Gurr

Teaching assistants:  Mrs Nevers 


Term 5

This term, will will be using the novel 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie.  Many surprises await the children on the first day back as the classroom looks a little different than it did before the holidays.  What mysteries will the children find?  We'll keep you posted!

The Nowhere Emporium

Tigers class are really enjoying our class book 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross Mackenzie.  We have lots of unusual items in our class emporium which mysteriously change each week.  Last week a strange locket appeared with the message "M love always L".  This week a mysterious silver potion has appeared.  What does it all mean?  We'll find out.  


We have also been writing fantastic setting and character descriptions.  Examples of these will be coming soon!

Term 4

Fab Maths

Check out the amazing dividing by 10 and 100!

Science Week in Tigers

Tigers have had a fab time this week exploring different areas of science.  


We have created gliders, research women in science, created containers to stop eggs from smashing and we even had a visit from a snake.


We have found out loads of interesting facts and have had an amazing time.  


Thank you Miss McCombe for organising the week!

World Book day - writing our own stories!

Tigers hard at work - writing and Maths

Library visit


Tigers had a fantastic visit to Trowbridge Library today.  They were treated to some great (and in places rude) stories told to us by Tracy the librarian.  The children then had a chance to look at the books on offer and have a read.


We are hoping that all the children in Tigers will soon have library cards.  You can get information from Miss Allen or from the Library directly.  It's free and doesn't take long to do.


Staverton are taking part in a new loyalty card scheme and the class that fills in the most loyalty cards wins a Chocolate Party!  So let's make sure that Tigers win!

Term 3

Welcome Miss Kilford!


Term 3 sees a new addition to Tigers class.  Miss Kilford is joining Miss Allen and Mrs Nevers as a new TA.


All of Tigers class are really excited about our new team member and can't wait to start some new learning.

Term 2

Good Bye Mr Tandy!


As well as being the beginning of the Christmas holidays, today is also Mr Tandy's last at Staverton.  All the staff and children wish him well as he starts his new career.


Tigers class, Mrs Nevers and Miss Allen are all very sad to see him go and he will be greatly missed.



It's Christmas!!!


Today is the last day of term 2.  I wish all of Tigers class a very happy Christmas and to seeing you in the new year!



During the first week back after the Christmas holidays, Tigers class will be tested on all the spellings they have had this half term.  You will find these in the homework section of this page.


New spellings will be sent out after half term.


Those children with special spellings, should see Mr Tandy if they have lost any of them.

Guided Reading update


We have now finished The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and have found out loads of information about the Iron Man.  We have even created art work (pictures coming soon) showing what we think the Iron Man looks like.


New book after the holidays.

Police Visit


Tigers class were visited today by two police officers!  Luckily, they were there to do a talk about the law, all about their job and some of the things they have encountered while working as a police office.


Andrew and Megan are PCSOs and told Tigers all about the things that job entails.  Andrew even let the class listen to his radio and hear the incidents that police were being sent to.


Tigers class had the chance to ask lots of questions and found out a great deal about different laws, what the police do and even about different parts of a police officers uniform.

Learning Showcase


Well done to all Tigers class for their fabulous learning showcase.  


The children showed off their Maths, Literacy and Science skills and all the parents enjoyed the wonderful retelling of the Pied Piper!


Fantastic work Tigers.

Guided reading


Today we started our new guided reading book, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.


We looked at the front cover of the book and came up with loads of questions we want to know the answers to.  These included:


Where might the Iron Man have come from?

Who made him?


Hopefully we'll find out the answers soon.

Term 1


What can you hear?


Tigers have been carrying out experiments to explore how sound works.  We have been making rice dance on a drum, making waves in water using tuning forks and even playing tunes using spoons!


Miss Allen demonstrated her amazing skill at using a glass full of water as a musical instrument.  She was able to change the note she played by drinking some of the water!