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Staverton C.E. Primary School

School Lane, Staverton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire,

BA14 6NZ



The children at Staverton are required to wear uniform every day in school including many off site trips as well. Just as with a football team, there is not only a sense of purpose associated with uniform, but also a pride which is experienced in a personal and social sense.


From September 2015, the school will no longer hold stock. To buy any part of the uniform you will need to visit Scholars in Trowbridge. Stock we currently hold will be sold at the existing price, however from September, there will be a small increase which reflects the fact that Scholars have not increased prices for several years. The increase would have happened even if we were in a position to carry on stocking the uniform at school. The new costings for uniform will be as follows:

Sweatshirts - £9.50

Cardigans £11.50

Fleece £12.50

Book Bag £5.50


(Children may come to school in their own clothes on their birthday if it falls on a school day!)


For girls: grey skirt, trousers or pinafore dress, white blouse, white or blue polo shirt, blue school sweatshirt, cardigan, fleece (optional but very practical), plain tights/socks, school shoes. Summer: blue/white checked summer dress or skirt (optional)

For boys: grey trousers or shorts, white or blue polo shirt, school sweatshirt, fleece, school shoes.

PE kit: blue shorts, white tee-shirt, daps in a PE bag kept in school in term time. Trainers may be worn for outdoor activities. In winter tracksuit bottoms are allowed for outdoor activities.

Shoes: the school requires that all children wear suitable black school shoes. Trainers are not allowed in class. Children may bring trainers to change into for playtime if they wish.

For swimming: a swimming cap is optional. Should your child wish to wear goggles we will need a note from you to that effect as they have been a major cause of distraction in the past.


Reminders: staff have a supply of uniform reminder notes which they are required to issue if a child comes to school in non-uniform clothes or shoes. If for reasons beyond your control it is necessary to send your child to school in a non-uniform item of clothing please send in a note explaining why. Children who do arrive at school wearing trainers or any other non-suitable footwear will be asked to change into their daps whilst indoors.


Hair: long hair should be tied back or plaited for safety reasons. This is particularly important during PE and practical work. Haircuts are regarded in the same way as uniform as being part of your child's appearance which contributes to their sense of purpose in class. Outlandish or highly decorated styles are not allowed.


Jewellery: no jewellery is allowed except wristwatches. If earrings are worn only the stud type are allowed in school again for safety reasons. If children arrive wearing any other jewellery it will be put away safely and returned at the end of the day.


Makeup and nail varnish are not allowed.


Non-uniform days (mufti days): occasionally we have one of these events associated with fund-raising/charity work. Notice will be given in advance.



FOSS are now holding regular second hand uniform sales in order to raise money to be used in the school.  Second hand uniform sales are held on the first Friday of each month in the alcove near the main office.


Please ask a member of FOSS if you are after something in particular.