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Useful Information

This page contains information about:

  • Our School Day
  • Absence from School
  • Parent Mail 
  • Lettings 



Our School Day

The school opens at 8:50am

(Breakfast Club runs from 8am - 8:50am by prior arrangement)

Registration is at 9am at which time the doors are locked. (Late arrivals should go via the office and inform the staff of their lunch choice for the day)

Morning play is 10:30 - 10:45am.

Lunchtime is 12.15 - 1.15pm. 

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children may have an afternoon play at 2:30pm at their teacher's discretion.

The school day ends at 3:15pm.

After-school clubs generally finish at 4pm or 4:15pm dependant on age range and activity type



Monday - Whole School - Values for life or JIGSAW (PSHE)

Tuesday - Class Assemblies

Wednesday - Class Assemblies

Thursday - Whole School 

Friday - Class Assemblies




Absence from School

Important information on sickness absence, unauthorised absence and holidays in term time.

Attendance figures at Staverton CE Primary School are traditionally very good and have been commented on in Ofsted reports. However there are occasions when individual children's total absence or pattern of absence gives cause for concern. The following information covers the main aspects of absence procedures. 



From time to time your child may be unable to attend school due to illness. In this event parents should contact the school to inform us of this, giving reasons, at the start of each school day they are not in. This is recorded as an authorised absence, as is attending a doctor, dentist or hospital appointment. NOTE: In the case of vomiting or diarrhoea pupils should not return to school until 48 hours after their last episode.


Other authorised absences from school

There are some other very specific circumstances in which a child's absence from school may be authorised. Parents should contact school if they need to discuss this.


Unauthorised absence

If your child is expected in school and has not arrived by the time morning registration is closed the office staff will attempt to contact you using the numbers and details you have given us and may record this as an unauthorised absence. This is done as part of our duty of care for the wellbeing of all children at the school. We are obliged to inform the Council's Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) where attendance drops below a certain limit which can then trigger an investigation.

Where unauthorised absence reaches 5 school days in any 6 month period the school is obliged to report this to the local authority who may impose a fixed penalty notice.



Pupils arriving after 9am but before the close of registration and those arriving after close of registration will be recorded in the registers and may cause EWO investigation if a pattern of lateness or absence develops or reaches a set limit.


Holidays in term time

Families should always take their holidays during the school holiday times. In certain exceptional circumstances the school can authorise a holiday in term time but these are very specific. The school is obliged to not authorise any request which does not amount to any of these special circumstances and in any case may only do so up to a maximum of 10 school days in a year.

Should a family insist on taking their holiday this will be recorded as unauthorised absence. Should unauthorised absence reach 5 school days it will be reported to the EWO and may incur a penalty fine.

Yellow holiday request forms are available outside the office in the school entrance. If you have any questions or concerns about holidays or absence in general staff are always happy to answer them.


You can read more on attendance and absence by clicking this link :

Parent Mail


We have recently introduced a web based system for communications and payments from a company called ParentMail which is used by thousands of schools nationally and many in Trowbridge. Parents registering with our ParentMail receive letters, newsletters and other circulations by email which overcomes many problems of the past with notes in bags getting lost. The ParentMail site can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones and there is even an app which brings together mail, school calendar and payments.


We are in the process of setting up the payment facility which should be ready in a couple of weeks. With this parents and carers can pay for school meals, uniform, swimming and other items that may come up for their child. In the case of separated parents, both can have separated accounts for the same child to share payments. Accounts for siblings at the same school or different schools using ParentMail can be linked so that only one login is needed. Where a secondary school uses ParentMail (eg. John of Gaunt) the accounts can be moved to that school when the children move. It really is a useful system and at the time of writing 156 of our 222 children are signed up with more doing so all the time. There will be some families for whom registering and using this web-based system is not possible. These children will continue to receive communications on paper and their family can make payments in the ways they have been used to.


Registering is a simple process which entails getting a welcome letter from the school office and inputting the unique code on it. Office staff are very happy to help with this.


ParentMail has the facility to send text messages also. Currently the school uses a very cheap, efficient and popular system so we have not yet begun to use the ParentMail version. If you would like to sign up to the texting service please see the office.




The school actively encourages lettings. The school hall can be let for meetings, events and special occasions by arrangement. A tarrif of fees and facilities are available on request.


We can also offer our large playing field which is administered jointly with the Parish Council. Initial contact may be made with school for field lettings in school hours. At other times the Parish Council administers and charges for use.


Lettings are organised through the school office using a lettings diary; there are some forms to be completed in advance and guidance information is provided. The headteacher is responsible for lettings approvals.


View our lettings policy on the Policies Page