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Welcome to Wolves - Year 5 and 6

Class Teacher - Miss Allen

PPA Cover - Mrs Knight

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Nevers

Term 1

Welcome back to what promises to be a great year in Wolves class.  I hope you have all had a great summer holiday and and ready for everything that lies ahead.


This term we will be starting a new class book - Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz.  We will be joining teenage super spy Alex Rider as he battles to uncover the secrets behind his uncle's mysterious death.


We will also be starting our new topic approach.  This term we will be focusing on Geography and History.  In Geography, we will be finding out how places are located using latitude and longitude.  In History, we will be exploring an exciting and dangerous period in England's history as we meet the notorious Tudors.


Visit this page regularly for all the latest Wolves class news and to see how we are getting on!

What a week!


Well the first week of term is over and what a week it’s been! We have learnt loads of new Geography knowledge including work on continents, hemispheres and the tropics. On top of this we have started our class book and are already hooked! We can’t wait to find out what happens to Alex Rider next.


Photos of our work will start appearing here next week so keep checking back.

Fab Geography!

More amazing work!

The Highwayman

Wolves class were challenged to try and draw one of the first three lines from the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  They used black paper and chalk pastels to create a mysterious mood of the poem.

The Tudors

In Wolves we have been finding out all about the Tudors.  Two of our class dressed up as Tudor children - they looked amazing!

Fabulous DT!


We designed and created waistcoats out of fabric.  We had to learn to sew the stitches, work out how the pattern went together, cut out the pattern and sew it all together.


It was REALLY challenging but we managed to produce a finished product.

Term 3

Our book for the next two terms will be Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.  We will meet Meggie and her father Mo as they are drawn into a dangerous adventure that will reveal Mo's darkest secret.  What happened to Meggie's mother?  Who is the mysterious stranger that arrives at the house one dark and story night? Why has Meggie's father never her a story?  We will keep you posted.

Racing hearts and tired lungs


As part of our topic on the heart and lungs, Year 5 and 6 designed and carried out an investigation to find out if different types of exercise effect pulse rates in different ways.  Our 'test subjects' completed 10 minutes of their chosen exercise and had their pulse rate measured every minute.  We then graphed our results.


The results - star jumps had the most impact on pulse rate.  Our test subject's pulse increased dramatically over a very short period of time.  Catching a ball had very little effect on pulse rate.  Surprisingly, standing up and sitting down repeatedly increased the pulse rate a lot and made our 'test subject' very tired!