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Welcome to Wolves

Year 5 & 6

Class Teacher:  Miss Allen

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Nevers

PPA cover teacher:  Miss Jones


Welcome to Wolves class Year 5/6.  This year we will be covering lots of exciting topics in class.  On this page you will find links to our homework and spelling along with important letters and examples of our work.  We hope you enjoy our page.

Year 6 Residential Photos on Lions Class Page 

Van Gogh Inspired Art - Art Week

Wonderful Work!

Term 6


I hope you have all enjoyed your half term.  This term is going to be a busy one.  We continue with our topic 'There and Back Again' and will be continuing to read 'The Hobbit' by J R R Tolkien.


We will also be out and about this term with the residential trip for Year 6 and a visit for Year 5.  There will also be trips to our local secondary schools as well as moving up day and sports day.  Our Year 5/6 production 'Alice the Musical' also gets its debut this term with auditions starting in the first week back.


A busy term indeed!

Term 4

World War WOW!!!


Fabulous World War 2 homework projects have been handed in today! 


We have had news reports, music, presentations about aircraft and relatives that served in the armed forces during the war, models and drawings of spitfires, a model of the Battle of Monte Cassino and even rationing cake complete with a cooking show demonstrating how it was made!


More projects tomorrow!  I can't wait.  Very well done Wolves. 

Reminder to parents...

For the trip to Baths Taps into Science 15th March - children must wear school uniform and bring a packed lunch unless they are entitled to free school meals.



Term 3

Welcome back to term 3.  A new term, a new year and a new text!


Over the next two terms, we will be learning all about World War 2.


Our text this term is 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll.  


When Olive's big sister Sukie goes missing during an air-raid, Olive is left with a mystery.  Who was Sukie meeting that night?  Where has she gone?  Why was there a coded message in her pocket?  


The mystery deepens when Olive and her brother are evacuated to Devon and find themselves staying in a lighthouse and being looked after by the secretive lighthouse keeper.


What will happen?  We will let you know!

Term 2

New term = New text!


I hope you all had a wonderful half term.


We are going to be continuing to work on our topic of 'Once Upon a Time' but this term we have a new text - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  This is one of my favourite books (I've read the whole series) so I am very excited to share this book with Wolves class.  In the story we will meet Percy Jackson - a boy with a lot of issues - one of which could threaten his very existence!  Who is after Percy?  Why do they want him and why did a monster attack him on a school trip to the museum?  You'll find out soon.

Term 1

This term our topic is 'Once Upon a Time'.  We will be focusing on the story of Beauty and the Beast but with a twist.  More to be revealed soon.

Fairy Tale Day

Wolves have had a great day today creating new characters for their own fairy tales.  They used themselves as inspiration to create caricatures of heroes, villains or creatures.  They then teamed up with other class members to create stories involving their characters.


All the children demonstrated excellent teamwork and produced some very interesting and imaginative stories. 

Mini Sagas


As part of Fairy Tale Day, Wolves class were challenged to write well-known fairy tales as mini sagas - stories in exactly 50 words.  The children had to think carefully about the plot and about what words they could use.  Here are some examples:


The Three Little Pigs by Rhianna


One day three little pigs went walking

and came across a wolf who wanted to eat them.

The wolf chased them home.  The pigs got inside

and locked the door.  The wolf crawled down the 

chimney but the pigs put the fire on before he 

could come down and ate him.



Little Red Riding Hood by Belle


A little girl walked through the forest with a basket.

"What's in the basket girl?"

"Buns for granny."

The little girl went to granny's.

"Granny, you look weird today."

"No I'm fine, but I'm going to eat you!"

Little Red was in wolf's stomach.  A huntsman came

and saved her.


Cinderella by Phoebe


One day Cinderella got a puffy dress and a pair of glass shoes.

She said, "goodbye Fairy godmother!" and rode to a shiny

palace and danced with a muscular prince.  She ran away at

midnight.  The prince went to the ugly sisters and tried the 

slipper on Cinderella.  They got married.



Continuous Provision

Fabulous writing

Wonderful Settings

Art in the great outdoors!


Wolves have been creating their own versions of the work of William Morris.  They took inspiration from nature to create their own repeating motifs.  Soon they will use these to create a print.